Which Crib Accessories Are Essential to Help Baby Sleep Well

crib accessories to help baby sleep

The vast world of crib accessories can seem pretty confusing. But it’s really not. In fact, you may be surprised at how easy they are to understand once you get a clear picture in your head. By the time the baby is ready to move into a bigger crib, you should already have an idea what types and styles will best fit his or her needs. Here are some crib accessories to help baby sleep soundly through the night:

An Overview

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Crib bumpers can be one of the most useful crib accessories to help baby sleep soundly through the night. These are especially important when baby is beginning to crawl. Just like the name suggests, these attach to the side rails of a crib to help baby gently climb in and out. And because most cribs have the same size and measurements, they’ll usually fit without seams or holes. Some brands even have bumper pads that slip over the sides of the crib.

Different Crib Accessories

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Baby monitors are another popular crib accessories. Many parents use this in the early months, since they worry their child might be getting too big for the crib. The monitor connects to a receiver that is placed on the wall. So all you have to do is set the receiver up in the crib and connect the crib accessories to help baby get a good night’s sleep. Some parents even use these to keep tabs on baby during the day.

Crib sheets are an essential part of a baby’s bedroom, but they’re useless if they aren’t properly cared for. Make sure that the sheets are designed to be flame resistant, or washable. You can purchase specially made crib sheets that are more absorbent and even use cotton crib sheets to keep baby’s skin comfortable. Use throw pillows to prop baby up on their back or side. They’re also a great way to give baby their own little sleeping area and keep it from getting too hot or cold.

These are usually considered crib accessories that help baby develop their fine motor skills. Parents often install toy cars, dolls, and other educational toys to get their baby interested in learning new things. Parents also commonly play games such as musical chairs or hide and seek with baby. Again, the toys should teach baby to learn how to sit, stand, roll over, or follow simple directions. A parent can buy small motorized toys to attach to the crib for extra stimulation.

Sheets And Changing Pad

Crib sheets are another popular crib accessory. Baby cribs now come in a wide variety of different thicknesses and fabric choices. The more luxury options include Egyptian cotton, which provides extra softness and durability. If you want to help baby sleep better but are a bit concerned about your baby’s color, you can find sheets in solid colors or many patterns. Or, maybe you want a crib with a personalized design. You can easily personalize your crib with prints and pictures.

A favorite accessory for babies is a changing pad. Changing pads help keep baby’s feet clean and dry at all times. Also, changing pads reduce the risk of SIDS by reducing the chance that the baby will suffocate if they fall out of the crib. Other accessories include high quality bedding. Newer bedding sets often have more styles and patterns than older sets. If you have a lot of extra bedding, it might be worth it to buy the new one, rather than letting it wear down.

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