Walmart Baby Doll Accessories – Everything Your Infant Needs

walmart baby doll accessories

A Walmart baby doll is one of the most popular collectibles. It’s a must have for any fan of the television show and the book series. The beauty of the doll as an accessory is that you can change your little one into almost any character she wants to be, starting with the cute baby dolls of the early 90s. Here are some of the top Walmart baby doll accessories.

The Power Functions Baby Doll:

One of the best parts of the series is the Power Functions baby doll. This doll is not only colorful, but it also allows your child to be more interactive. Instead of just sitting on the couch knitting, this doll will allow you to change its clothes, blink, move its head and much more. This is one of the best Walmart baby doll accessories you can buy. For example, if you’re playing the game Baby Fever, you could dress up the doll to look like Mom.

The My Little Pony:

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Twilight meets the young and the beautiful in this great toy line. Who doesn’t love watching these adorable little ponies doing the things they love? The My Little Pony includes a dress, hat, broom, and even sunglasses! If you have a young child, you’ll love this toy. It has enough activity for the whole family, which means it’s a great gift for any occasion. The pony comes in a red and pink color, and it has a magical sound that kids love to sing along with.

The My Little Pony collection comes with an assortment of three dresses, hats, and shoes. These items aren’t only great collectibles for Twilight fans, but they’re also perfect for girls who want to play dress-up. If you have two babies’ outfits, or if you’re planning on having a few of them for guests to pick up at the shower, then this is the perfect gift. The nice thing about the My Little Pony dolls is that you can change their clothes as often as you like, and your kids will never grow out of their attraction to these adorable ponies.

The Pony Baby Dolls

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One of the newest collections from Walmart includes the My Little Pony babies’ clothing, accessories, and even apron. With a total of fourteen costumes, your children can be ponies for almost an entire day. These pieces are mostly white with some pink spots and they also include the baby’s footprint. While the outfits might seem a bit on the delicate side, they are designed with kids in mind, so expect them to last for years.

These adorable dolls come in two distinctly different styles. There are the vintage styled dresses and the modern day ones. Vintage style dresses come with detachable shoulder pad and booties, while the modern day dolls come with detachable briefs and capris. Both styles of dress have adorable prints on them, and some even have different colors of fabric. The dresses have washable linings, and the modern day ones have elastic cuffs and wristbands.


For a great collection of Walmart baby doll accessories, check out the My Little Pony collection. It features sixteen different styles for your little girls and boys to enjoy. You can find them in sailor, cowboy, and vampire styles, as well as several other styles that are great for infants and toddlers. The set comes with a matching diaper bag, and you can also purchase matching nighttime diapers. They have washable linings, so you won’t have to worry about this collection fading away, even after several washes.

You can find many more types of Walmart baby doll accessories online, but if you’re looking for a good selection, Walmart is the place to go. You’ll find everything you need to revamp your baby’s wardrobe, from bottles, blankets, shirts, and diapers to burp clothes and booties. Whatever your taste, there’s a perfect baby doll accessory for you at Walmart.

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