Baby's First Bath Experience Tips -

Tips For Your Baby’s First Bath

Advice And Suggestions On Baby's First Bath

Many parents wonder when they should give their baby his first bath. Experts suggest waiting for the umbilical cord to fall off prior to bathing an infant. But before that, you have the option of giving your infant sponge baths. Once the umbilical cord is completely dry and has fallen off, you can try on submerging the little body of your munchkin into the water to give him a good bath. Do not be nervous, your baby’s first bath can be highly enjoyable, but only if you are fully prepared for it. Here’s a take-down on how to make your infant’s first bath a successful and enjoyable experience:

Go Sponge

Sticking to simple sponge bath sessions for a few days after birth is always a good idea. Infants do not get utterly dirty and unmanageable, with the diaper area being an exception. Hence, it works to pay attention to such areas without bathing the entire body. Miss out on the soap and use some lukewarm water to do the needful.

Advice And Suggestions On Baby's First Bath
Advice And Suggestions On Baby’s First Bath

Choose The Right Moment

Choosing the right moment for your infant’s first bath is important because this is a significant milestone. Pick a time when you are completely relaxed. Infants are very good at understanding stress. Once you find the right time that works for both of you, turn it into a regular schedule. This will be comforting for your baby. Transforming bath time into a routine will make it easier for you to ease your infant off to dreamland. Experts suggest bathing babies just before bedtime. A good bath always makes way for a good sleep.

Use Tear-Free Bath Soaps And Shampoos

As a very first step, you will not require a lot of shampoo or soap for your infant’s first bath. However, you will have to use some soap on their hair and bottoms. When picking bath products for your child, make sure to buy gentle and tear-free baby washes and shampoos. It would be a good idea to go for lavender baby washes. They have a drowsy and soothing effect on the little ones.

Advice And Suggestions On Baby's First Bath
Advice And Suggestions On Baby’s First Bath

Get All Essentials Close

This is an important rule you need to follow when giving your baby his first bath. You cannot make this blunder of leaving your child alone in the bath while gathering the bath supplies. So, get everything close even before getting your baby to the basin or the tub. Even arrange all the essentials that you will require after the bath session. For ensuring you are close to your baby when he is in water, get a sink. With a sink, you will have all the bath supplies within arm’s distance.

Get A Helper

If possible, you can have your partner taking care of your baby’s bath along with you. However, this is something not possible always. In such situations, it will be fine to hire a helper to get you up and running with all possible tasks. This way, you will not have your infant unattended, not only in the bath but even at other times when you are not nearby.

Baby’s first bath can be nerve-racking for new parents. Many do not know how to hold their babies, while others are unaware of the precautions. But there is absolutely nothing to worry. Go for the advice detailed above, and you will surely find success.

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