Things To Watch Out For When Buying Baby Rompers

Baby Rompers

When a new product like Baby Rompers hits the market, you can always expect a big amount of positive feedback. Baby Rompers is usually the first line of defense of retailers and the manufacturer when they have a defective product that has gone out of production. It’s important for retailers to get as many orders as possible to not only support the company but also to make up for the product’s dwindling stock.

When I first bought Baby Rompers I was in love with them. They were perfect for snuggling up with your baby to enjoy the quiet moments of the day.

Baby Rompers
Things To Watch Out For When Buying Baby Rompers

As time went on, my excitement about them faded and I really started to notice some flaws in my new look baby rompers. After doing a little bit of research I decided to take action and my excitement returned.


There are two main colors in these products. One is a solid color that has some sort of pattern or design on it. This is common in many of the older Baby Rompers, but not anymore.

The color pattern changes over time, usually ending up a darker color than the picture shows. I’m no professional on coloring, but if this sounds like something you’re interested in, it’s worth looking into.


Even though the picture looks like it’s all there in the picture, these newer Baby Rompers have trouble reading the tags. The older Baby Rompers only read tag number one. If you’ve looked at other baby items recently, the tags on them always have exactly the same tag number. You can test this by opening the packaging and looking at the tag inside.


Most of the baby rompers I looked at were pretty loose around the waist, so I didn’t think much of them until I tried them on. I had to get used to buying these items as there wasn’t much extra room, especially with the hips and tummy.

Baby Rompers
Things To Watch Out For When Buying Baby Rompers


While I liked the quality of the fabric that the Baby Rompers is made out of, the stitching on them was still visible. It took me a while to notice it, but once I did I was glad I had noticed it. I started to scratch the seams with my fingernail to see if I could get rid of it. It was actually pretty easy to do, but it is still visible under certain lighting.


In these Baby Rompers, you will notice that they have been pushed up around the waist and hips. The stitches are clearly visible on the hip part. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can easily remove the seams on your own.

Sometimes the seams are not even on the middle parts. If you notice this, you can easily fold over the sides or take off the side seam, then fold in half the three sides of the midpoint on each side.

Wear and tear

I’ll be honest, the straps of the Baby Rompers began to wear out soon after they were purchased. I thought that since the brand is “new” that they would last longer, but they don’t seem to last that long at all.


Now, that I have seen the flaws of the Baby Rompers, I was able to give them another chance. With a little bit of work, I was able to remove the seam in the middle of the lower portion. With a little bit of tape and some elbow grease, I was able to successfully remove the lower seam without having to purchase another set of Baby Rompers.

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