The Complete Guide To Navy Baby Clothing Brand

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It’s that time of year again, time to shop for your newborn baby’s wardrobe and Old Navy is the one brand you should be looking at. There are many brands to choose from and with all the brands, it can be confusing as to what to buy. You have to decide whether you need pants, shirts or a bodysuit. This all depends on what type of clothing you and your child will need for their new surroundings.

If you decide to purchase a few basic items then you will probably be able to find them in a baby store near you. They are always on special offer in stores, so it will not be hard to locate a good sale. Your child is going to outgrow most of the clothing within a year or two so you will have to replace it all. It’s always better to buy enough to last until they outgrow it rather than not having enough to wear.

A Variety Of Colours

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The Baby fashion group at Old Navy stock some really attractive designs which you should be able to pick up in a variety of colours. The colours are usually chosen to complement the gender of the baby, but there are a few that are gender neutral. You will also find a number of different styles in this range such as dresses, skirts and leggings. You can mix and match items to suit your own personal style.

The clothing in this range is made from quality fabrics. It isn’t unusual to find them in cotton, polyester or even denim. The focus is on durability and softness rather than style, so you don’t have to worry too much about your clothes looking strange or unfashionable.

The Material Is So Light

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The great thing about this collection is how easy it is to care for. You only need a few dusting tasks as the material is so light. If you want to make your own clothes then you will find all the patterns available online that allow you to create your own style. It doesn’t matter what colour you decide to go for as navy is such a versatile colour anyway.

If you are expecting twins or a baby whose age is close to your own then this is the range for you. You will find tops, bottoms and dresses for the baby. As with most things, though you will expect to pay a little more than normal when you are looking for something that will last. This is because the navy is heavier than other colours. That said, the range is worth the investment if you can bear the expense.

Cute Outfits For Toddlers

There are also some really cute outfits for toddlers. As usual, there are various different styles and patterns for these children. The cute toddler outfits include the hooded towel set which has hoods which can be removed or taken off as the child grows. This is a really cute option for hot summer days. Old Navy also has a number of different variations on the theme including a cute kite and wave pattern.

Final Words

It is a good idea if you know what you want before shopping. Although this is a great range of baby clothes, there is no reason why you cannot be a little creative. If you don’t know what you are looking for then try something on and if it’s not what you were thinking then try something else. You could even have to look at the range and pick your favourite.

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