The Best Preschool Toys to Help Your Child Excel in School

Toys that stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity can be a wonderful part of your young one’s preschool education. While you may be hoping to instill a love of reading, math, science, writing, art and other subjects in your preschooler through some playtime with educational toys, it is important to choose toys geared for the specific developmental stages they are going through as well as those designed to encourage learning through imaginative play.

How can pretend play help? When children mimic what they see around them their brains develop connections which foster language development and social skills vital to academic success. With this in mind here are just few examples of fun educational toys that promote preschool learning:

Building Blocks

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Rubber, foam and wooden building blocks are a wonderful example of preschool toys that encourage creative pretend play. Not only do these types of toys stimulate creativity, they also help develop hand-eye coordination as children use them to build tall towers and even towns where characters live who have distinct roles.


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Puzzles are one of the most popular preschool toys in America. It’s easy to see why when you consider how many skills they foster including spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Wooden puzzles with knobs help teach toddlers fine motor skills while jigsaw puzzles help develop reasoning abilities in older children.

Lincoln Logs

Another classic building toy that can be used to create forts, cities or whatever else kids’ imaginations devise is Lincoln Logs . These logs, originally created by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son John , who thought up what he called “house-building toys” encourage creativity through pretend play -and don’t forget math! Counting and adding pieces helps kids learn number recognition and sequencing.

Books & Magazines for Kids

Everyone knows that a child’s imagination can run wild when reading a book or magazine. It is important to introduce educational material from a young age as it helps preschoolers develop the necessary skills to learn how to read independently down the road. When choosing books and magazines, look for those with high-quality photographs as these engage the brain more effectively than illustrations alone as they help children practice their observational skills.

Play Kitchen Sets

Kids love playing house which makes kitchen sets some of the best toys for preschoolers who want to be mommies and daddies someday -or chefs! As your little ones pretend cook you will find teaching them about colors, shapes, numbers and counting is a breeze.

Dolls, Animals & Puppets for Kids

Kids love to mimic what they see around them -including other kids! This makes dolls, puppets and all types of stuffed animals some of the best preschool toys for encouraging imaginative play. Not only will children learn how to take care of these toys but they can also learn to empathize with others through role playing which prepares them for later in life when they interact with people from different backgrounds on a daily basis including coworkers or classmates at school.

Musical Toys

Whether your child loves banging pots and pans while singing their favorite song or shaking maracas to follow along with a friend you’ve probably noticed that music stimulates a child’s senses. This is why musical toys are some of the best educational preschool toys you can give a little one. In addition to encouraging creativity through pretend play, they also help children learn rhythm which is an important skill for reading and mathematics down the road.


If you’re looking for educational preschool toys there is no better place to start than the toy aisle. Pretend play and imaginative fun doesn’t just help children learn about themselves, it also lays a foundation for future learning in all areas of development.

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