The Best Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds

Most toys on the market are for older children. So what’s a toddler-age child supposed to play with? You can easily find educational toys that even very young kids will enjoy playing with right now and that teach them important skills at the same time. From babies to 2-year olds, these classic learning tools will provide hours of fun and education.

Shape Sorter

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This is a classic toy for an excellent reason. Toddlers just love taking objects in and out of containers, and by putting the shapes into this shape sorter, they will be developing their fine motor skills along with spatial organizational skills.

Building Blocks

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Blocks are loved by kids of all ages because they can be stacked, pulled apart, built high towers…and knocked down again.From simple to complex designs, blocks allow children to work on hand-eye coordination and concentration skills while having fun at the same time.

Books (Board Books)

Books such as lift-the-flap books or touchy-feely board books introduce toddlers to “story time” long before they’re actually ready to listen to longer stories. They will love the bright colors and attention-grabbing nature of these books, while you can feel good about giving them something that’s educational yet also appropriate for their age.

Shape Sorting Cube

Like blocks, this shape sorter cube will help children work on fine motor skills along with spatial organizing skills, but it adds a different dimension because they get to place the shapes inside of it. This is especially helpful in teaching kids about differences between 2D and 3D objects.

Building Table

Building tables gives toddlers a whole new way to explore building blocks by allowing them to create structures that are taller than they could ever build by themselves. These allow young children to expand their horizons while working on their balance and coordination, too.

Music Box

Music boxes are great toys because they encourage children to sing along, dance around, or even just sit still and listen for a few minutes at a time. They’re also wonderful instruments for teaching rhythms and melodies of many types of music that kids can get excited about right from the start.


Flashlights are wonderful for encouraging kids to get up and move around in the dark! Explore shadows, light up random objects all over the house.The possibilities are endless with this versatile tool. This is one toy you won’t have to worry about being too loud or making too much noise with so your toddler will have hours of fun playing in bed right before they go to sleep.

Dress-Up Clothes

Maybe a specific pretend play toy isn’t your thing, but what could be better than giving a young child clothes that they can dress up to their liking? This gift will provide hours of entertainment as toddlers experiment with what it means to be a firefighter or a princess.And the best part is that these clothes will also help them learn colors and shapes too.

Shape Puzzle

All kinds of puzzles are great because children have to use critical thinking skills to piece together the edges, figure out which shapes match up where, and work on hand-eye coordination at the same time. Start simple and work your way up as your toddler gets older and more proficient at putting puzzles together.


Give a child a toolbox and they can “fix” just about everything that bothers them in their daily lives! Young kids love things like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches and tools of all kinds.This gift will provide hours of entertainment as toddlers pretend to fix up the house.


Children have a million things that can capture their attention and entertain them to no end, which is why it’s so important for parents to provide them with tools that will not only keep them busy but also help them build important skills along the way. There are so many educational toys out there these days that it makes shopping easy as pie.

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