Squirrel Baby Care – Things To Consider For Safe Squirrel Baby Care

squirrel baby care

Squirrel baby care is simple but effective. Squirrels are brilliant animals, and they can learn a great deal from their parents. This article will explain what to do if you find a baby squirrel in your yard.

If you see a baby squirrel in your yard, your first instinct may be to run away as fast as possible. This may work for a few seconds, but it won’t get you very far. The problem here is that most people leave their baby squirrels alone because they don’t know how to approach them and try to catch them.

Squirrels aren’t the easiest animals to approach. They hide in burrows or other hiding places in your yard. They also have sharp claws that will puncture most fabrics and clothing. If you try to catch a squirrel by attempting to grab it, you may cause your baby to become frightened and fly away.

Luckily there are ways you can effectively approach baby squirrels and catch them. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when approaching these small creatures.

Use Hand-Held Net

A squirrel standing on a rock

When approaching the squirrel, always use a hand-held net to trap it. You can use the back of a spoon or broom handle or purchase a plastic turkey trap. It doesn’t have to be expensive, though. You can easily buy one that contains only enough netting for your baby squirrel to fall through. Purchase extra netting to place under and around your net trap to fall through more baby squirrels.

Put The Squirrel In Cardboard Box

A baby lying on a bed

As soon as you catch the squirrel, pick it up, and place it on the hand. Give it a few treats to let it know you’re glad it’s safe. If it is still unharmed, you may want to pick it up and take it to your home. Many parents put the squirrel in a cardboard box inside a sock to keep it warm until they are ready to take it to their home.

Babies can live up to four years in captivity, but they need special attention just like all other animals. You’ll be able to provide your baby squirrels with proper squirrel baby care by providing a safe home environment and learning all the necessary safety steps.

Try To Create A Safe Place For Your Squirrel

Baby squirrels like to nest in trees, underneath rocks, or anywhere in the yard to get a cool, dry spot to sleep. If you choose not to put up a squirrel house, you can do several other things. There are even some great books that will show you how to build your birdhouse that will be a safe place for the baby squirrel to rest.

The key to building your own squirrel house is to choose a location away from other structures. When selecting the squirrel house, make sure you choose an area that is not close to any food source.

Feed Soft Food To The Baby Squirrels

One of the primary necessities of keeping babies healthy and happy is feeding them, ensure you buy soft food to give your baby squirrels. This is important because baby squirrels are susceptible to the taste of human milk. Also, make sure you purchase baby squirrel formula that is easy for them to digest, not high in sugar.

Final Words

Baby squirrels like fresh water daily, so purchasing a water bottle with an attached squirrel water bottle is an absolute must. You can keep a pitcher of freshwater in their cage along with clean water bottles in the spring. Babies can easily become dehydrated without the right amount of water.

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