Safety When Bathing Your Infant

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Angel Care baby bathtubs are a soft round acrylic soaking tub ideal for use at the newborn or premature baby stage. This product is best for newborns to twelve months old. It is designed with safety in mind and is very comfortable to sit on while soaking. The tub features a seat belt which can be used to keep the infant in place.

The tub is deep enough that one end should be deeper than the other to comfortably fit a newborn baby. The tub is enclosed by a leak proof lid with snap down bottom for complete protection from the baby’s waste. It features a two-foot spray neck with snap on air release for easy cleaning.

Angelcare Infant Bath Products Work Extremely Well

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There are many positive reviews that say Angelcare infant bath products work extremely well. Most parents who have tried them said they are quite easy to clean and even easier to use than other brands of bath seats. They don’t leak and the infant will stay in the seat all night without discomfort. The infant is safely in the water for up to thirty minutes. It is recommended that mothers monitor their infants’ activities to make sure they are sleeping soundly.

The seat cover will wash out easily after each use. There are no stains, smudges, or odors when washing the product. It can be set for a relaxing bath with music, bubbles or your own preferred fragrance.

The Infant is about three inches deep, so the safety of your baby cannot be a question. It will not leak, embarrass or harm your baby. It fits easily between the cabinet and the side of the tub and the corners are cut so there is no slipping.

One Of The Best Product For Your Baby

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Many parents are saying that this is the best product they have ever used for their baby. There is no odour, condensation, or film to bother you when using this product and it cleans thoroughly. There is no need to buy two separate cleaners because this one will take care of everything.

This angel care product is highly recommended by pediatricians across North America. It has been approved by the US FDA and it carries a safety lock which means it will not leak any liquid. It comes with a five-year limited warranty.

It is difficult to find a product that is better than this one for your infant. It saves time, aggravation, mess, and money. The price is excellent too. It is truly the best gift for any expecting mother.

Make Sure That Your Child Receives Sufficient Care After Each Bath

It is important to assure that your child receives adequate care after each bath. You want them to look good and feel good. This is why Angel’s Care took precautions to ensure your baby receives the very best care.

They made sure that this product is completely safe for use on infants. It is one hundred percent natural and does not contain chlorine, oil, or any other chemicals.

No matter if you have a newborn, premature, or full-term infant. This is also safe for use on infants who are below four months old. The only age that this product is not safe is if your baby has an underlying medical condition. If this product is used during the first six months of life, you run the risk of suffocation.

Last Words

When it comes to soaping your baby, safety should always be your number one priority. By using Angel’s Care baby bath, you can rest assured that your baby is safe and receiving the best possible care. This is something you and your baby can enjoy for years to come.

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