Risks Of Not Breastfeeding For Infants

Risks Of Not Breastfeeding For Infants

There are various risks of not breastfeeding newborns. Therefore all the new mothers must feed their children with their milk. Infants who are breastfed are much healthier than children who are given readymade milk. Mothers milk contains antibodies that help in baby’s growth and helps the baby to fight various diseases. The risk of the unhealthy immune system, risk of asthma, and risk of obesity are the major issues kids face. Moreover, breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother’s health also.

Risks Of Not Breastfeeding For Infants
Risks Of Not Breastfeeding For Infants

Risks Of Not Breastfeeding The Infant

Mothers who do not breastfeed the infant face a lot of health issues. Chances of breast cancer and ovarian cancer are much higher in these women. Moreover, the chances of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other metabolic diseases occur if the mother does not breastfeed the child. Furthermore, swelling in the breasts and cists formation is possible in those women who do not breastfeed their child.
Children who do not consume ‘smother’s milk are prone to diseases like obesity, diabetes, leukemia, and sudden death. The rate of infections and allergies are also much higher in these children. Many children are diagnosed with a weaker immune system and low IQ. Moreover, the lack of mother’s milk leads to unhealthy growth development. Hence, the body does not grow.

Is It Important To Learn How To Breastfeed?

No women know how to breastfeed until she experiences the phase of motherhood. All the new mothers must know breastfeeding benefits for the child and also their health. The key to making yourself prepared for breastfeeding is to take proper classes. Notably, in the hospitals, some doctors can explain the right process of breastfeeding. The mother needs to be very careful when feeding her child. See to it that the baby sucks the milk properly. Otherwise, you will have sore nipples. The mother to be can go to a lactation specialist. She will guide you with the right position and technique of breastfeeding.

Risks Of Not Breastfeeding

There are various risks of not breastfeeding newborns. But breastfeeding them has various advantages. They are:-
Infants who take mothers’ feeds are much stronger than children who consume other milk.
The nutrients in the mother’s milk help in a child’s growth and development.
Furthermore, breast milk has the power to fight from various allergies and viruses.
All those infants who take mothers’ feed get ill rarely and therefore visit the doctor rarely.
Children who have taken mothers’ milk have a good IQ.
The bond between the mother and the baby becomes strong if the mothers feed their baby.
Infants gain the right amount of weight if they take ‘smother’s milk.

Risks Of Not Breastfeeding For Infants
Risks Of Not Breastfeeding For Infants


A mother can do anything for her baby. It is entirely her choice to breastfeed her child. If she doesn’t want to, she need not do it forcefully. But remember one thing everything has its pros and cons. If seeing her health, the mother does not feed her child. It is possible that in the long run, the child can suffer. Even the mother may face different health issues. Therefore for her health and her baby’s development, the mother must breastfeed her child.

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