Parenting Child: How Children Reveal Our Idols


Parents always want their children to be an idol, and some parents are likely to be more conscious and careful about their children’s behavior and communication. Well, sometimes parents might learn new things from their children. Every parent wants a realistic and idol child who believes in God. But parents at some points especially in parenting children, get so ambitious for their children. For example, if a neighbor’s daughter has ranked first in the exam, you think that your child should be like her. If any of the siblings is very active in sports and has achieved several awards, you will compare your children with them. A comparison may make your child depressed.

Parenting Child: How Children Reveal Our Idols
Parenting Child: How Children Reveal Our Idols

When Will Your Children Get The Success As you Have Won In The Past: Parenting Child

Parents think that my son or daughter should do everything as I want, and you, as parents, will provide all the resources they need. Like a personal tutor, additional individual studies, and sports academy admission. When everything happens according to the parent’s desire, they will feel proud and happy. But all children are not the same as you think. If your child lacks behind in some areas, you should guide them. Also, parents will punish mentally or physically whenever their children fail to achieve. Parents may beat them or advise their children in front of others.

Psalm 139: 13-14 (Parenting Child Tips)

In the Bible, God has stated that all children have equal power and strength. Furthermore, the child can develop the required habits in the womb of his/her mother. God has given different advantages to various people. God wants us to love our child for what he is, or she is.

 Do parents want their children to be the replica copy of their childhood? God has planned and gifted the children what they should have in their lives. The mighty God has the glory to encourage and develop their children’s experiences. We are just the elements created by God to serve virtues and humanity to our children. 

Mighty Paul stated that parents should not make their child be foot forcefull when it is the time for them to remain hand. So, parents should not judge the children in terms of their childhood development. God has planned everything for parents and children, and one should not oppose the mighty rules. Shower the love and blessing on the child rather than judging them. 

Parenting Child: How Children Reveal Our Idols
Parenting Child: How Children Reveal Our Idols

When They Copy Our Sins

For example, you are a teacher, and you had some habits like cheating and stealing in your childhood. Now, you are a teacher, idol of students in a school. You caught a student cheating with you for homework. Most teachers would show anger towards students in such situations, but what God wants us to do. God says that you should remember your mistakes and talk with the students calmly rather than scaring them. 

So, whenever we show some children misbehaving, cheating, or stealing, we should make them understand that God doesn’t like his children involved in immoral activities.

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