Newborn Milestone : Crawling

Newborn Milestone: Crawling

Parents are always anxious about when their newborn will finally move on their own. Although they are cute and cuddly, at first, we all want them to be independent and advance their motor skills. Crawling obviously does not begin immediately they are born, and you may have to wait a year before you notice it. Some parents may never get to see their babies crawl because the babies skip the phase and simply begin to walk directly.

Newborn Milestones: Adorable Munchkins On Fours

Crawling is a tough job and requires a baby to use both mind and body, according to pediatricians. The babies will have to develop the muscles in their back, neck, shoulders, arms, and core before they are strong enough to support their weight and balance.  The vision also plays a vital role so you will have to wait until it is fully developed to support the event. Since the babies use binocular vision (both eyes together), they often go back and forth between looking off into the distance and close objects or their hands. This helps to build the perception of depth and distance and means crawling involves a combination of gross motor, visual-spatial, and cognitive skills to occur. The mental muscles will need quite a work out as the babies learn how to perceive distance and depth using vision.

Newborn Milestone: Crawling
Newborn Milestone: Crawling

Crawling: Important Milestone

During crawling babies achieve more than just reaching for their toys or to wear their mother or sitter is. They also develop navigation skills and memorize facts. For example, they will need to remember their route, which requires them to go round the coffee table and beyond a particular object in the room to reach their favorite toys. This is important for their future development as they will replace their anxiety for separation with reaching out to where they are sure they will the item. You will no longer have problems with separation anxiety anymore.

6- 10 Months : When Should You Expect Crawling

You may prepare your baby from their crawling debut by giving them a  lot of supervised, tummy time to keep them in position. in this position, they will lift their head to look around and build the strength in their neck, shoulders, and arms. They will also kick their feet to strengthen the hips and legs. If they do not fancy being on the tummy position, you can try to make it interesting by placing their favorite toy before them.

This will help you engage their attention and keep them in this position loner. You can also lie tummy-side by their side to play and talk with them. When you finally notice the mini-pushups, you will know they are ready to go. They will lift and prop on their arms then rock forward and backward playfully. It will only be a matter of time before they realize they can push off their knees and move on to get to their toys. 

Newborn Milestone: Crawling
Newborn Milestone: Crawling

What Should Parents Expect After The Crawling Starts?

Before the babies become good at crawling, you will notice a weird style. The lack of stability and balance should not worry you, as the baby needs time to build muscle and get used to the process.


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