New Mom Welcomes Baby Care – What Does A Postpartum Doula Do

welcome baby care

Welcome baby care is the act of providing assistance to welcome and care for your newborn or small child. It does not matter where you live in the world, as long as you have access to a hospital. In this article we will be discussing some helpful resources to help you welcome baby care.

Many new moms choose to hire a professional caregiver to come and stay with their infant while they are recovering from childbirth. This is a great idea for those expecting mothers who don’t have much time or money to hire someone else to come for help when they have a sick child. We offer in-house postpartum doulas care for new parents of preterm infants so that they can establish a strong base for their unique family unit. Our certified lactation consultants are happy to assist you in creating an even happier environment for yourself and your little one while your infant recovers.

Good Friend Or Family Member

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One area that is lacking when it comes to welcoming a new baby into the family is a good friend or family member who can be a welcome baby care taker. This can be a really great way for new moms to not feel overwhelmed by taking care of their little one all on their own. If you don’t have someone in your immediate circle of friends and family who is willing to assume this role then you may want to consider asking your in-laws or sister or best friend to take on this task. By having someone in your circle of trusted friends and family that is willing and able to assume this role you will free up a lot of time to spend bonding with your child and to increase the intimacy between you and your newborn.


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Breastfeeding is an important part of a new baby’s first year of life. It provides essential antibodies necessary to protect them from infection and other illnesses. Unfortunately, as a new mom, breastfeeding may not be something that you are naturally comfortable doing. If you find yourself struggling with the ability to successfully breastfeed your child then a great resource for you is a professional doula. A doula is a female who has been trained to provide support for new moms during and after their pregnancy.

Doulas are not only there to listen to and provide support to new moms; they are also skilled at providing assistance in many different ways. For instance, some doulas will act as lactation consultants. A lactation consultant is someone that can help new moms learn how to properly breastfeed their child. These professionals are able to identify what types of milk are best for infants and how to provide it. Other important things a lactation consultant can do for a new mom is prepare her for breastfeeding classes, prepare feeding schedules for the expectant mother, and prepare the mother and baby for newborn diaper changes. A doula can be a welcome baby care resource because they offer such expertise and understanding.

Establish A Routine

Another way that doulas are a welcome baby care resource is by encouraging new moms to establish a routine. Some new moms have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. They may need extra help to get started, but their new baby can benefit from the consistent attention and care that a good doula can provide. Once a new mom has established a routine, she can use that routine to help take care of her baby and to feel more connected to her body and her baby. A quality doula will encourage new moms to eat healthy, go to the doctor for regular checkups, get some moderate exercise, and get rid of any stress that may be affecting her.

Bottom Line

A third way that a doula can help is by looking out for the health of both mom and baby. A quality doula will know how to keep an eye on the baby’s weight and body condition to make sure the baby is growing and developing as healthy as possible. She will also look out for the baby’s comfort and welfare. This includes looking out for a baby’s umbilical cord to make sure it is not wrapped or tangled and if it is, whether it is showing any signs of infection or possible damage to the umbilical cord.

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