Make Baby Rooms Safe: Parent Checklist

Make Baby Rooms Safe: Parent Checklist

Keeping the Baby Rooms Safe is an important task for every parent. We all have different houses with different lifestyles. Although our requirements and managements are usually similar, not all homes have the same checklists to follow. However, when it comes to a newborn baby, you need to keep the furniture and other things safe for the child. 

Make Baby Rooms Safe: Parent Checklist
Make Baby Rooms Safe: Parent Checklist

Here Are Some Of The Things That You Must Keep In Your Checklist

Baby Rooms Safe: Changing Table

Changing tables are the best way to change baby diapers and clothes. It helps you to access your baby in a better position. It is dangerous for babies to fall from a high surface. Therefore follow few steps to keep the baby safe. 

  1. Make sure your changing table is strong enough to hold your baby. 
  2. You must make a guard around the four sides of at least 5cm. 
  3. Make sure that you make the shape of the table concave. This will help to keep the baby safe and use a strap to hold the baby in the position. 

Baby Rooms Safe: Prevent Suffocation

Every parent needs to know the things that might be suffocating for the baby. Some of the dangerous things that might suffocate the baby are below. 

  1. Never use talcum powders on newbies. It can cause severe breathable problems and damage the lungs. 
  2. Small things or parts of toys can be dangerous for a baby. They can gulp or and it can be hazardous. 
  3. Never keep the plastic bags or any polythene in the reach of babies. It can be dangerous. 
  4. It is always better to keep your baby in their crib. Never have them on your bed when sleeping.
  5. Never use a loose blanket. Use warm clothes to keep them safe from cold weather. 
  6. Always make the baby sleep with the back on surfaces. It will prevent them from suffocations
Make Baby Rooms Safe: Parent Checklist
Make Baby Rooms Safe: Parent Checklist

Baby Rooms Safe: Crib

Most of the accidents take place in the cribs. They are likely to fall from their crib no matter how you safe you made it for them. The real cause is the height of the mattress. Either it is way too high or not adjusted properly. 

  1. The mattress and the crib size must be similar. Gaps or mismatch in sizes is common. These can trap legs or arms, which can be dangerous for kids. 
  2. In case you buy a new mattress for the crib, make sure that you remove all the plastics and wrappings. It can be a cause of suffocation for the babies. 
  3. If your baby cannot sit, lower the level of your crib to keep him safe. Of your baby can stand and sit, make sure you make it to the lowest position. It will prevent them from falling off while standing down or coming down of the crib. 
  4. Always check the crib for any nails or sharp edges. Often it may have a nail outside which goes unnoticed. It is dangerous for the kids. 


If you want to have a tummy time play with your newborn, make sure that the rugs are clean. Often kids who can walk end up chewing things on the floor. Many parents leave their kids alone, which causes several accidents. Therefore, you need always to have an eye on your baby and be careful of the small things that may be a problem. 

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