Learn the Basic Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Are you experiencing baby blues after your delivery? If yes, don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal! The Majority of the new mothers experience this following childbirth. Sometimes, they may feel restless and worried for no reason. These feelings may come out of many reasons like lack of sleep, health issues, hormonal issues, and baby care being a new mom. This article is all about the Baby Care Tips for New Moms to help weed out mom’s worries. 

Baby Care Tips for New Moms # 1: Holding your Newborn Baby  

Holding Baby and other Baby Care Tips for New Moms
Holding Baby and other Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Now that you have your baby at home, it is obvious that you are the one with whom the baby will stay for maximum time. Hence, make sure that you know all the possible ways of comforting your baby. The very basic thing that you must look for is the handling of the baby. 

Before holding your baby in your arms, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly. Newborn babies are more prone to infections. Hence, the germs may attack their immune system through your hands. Cuddling your baby without properly sanitizing your hands may put your baby in danger.

Be confident while holding your little one. Make sure your hold is comforting you as well as your baby.

Baby Care Tips for New Moms # 2: Bath Time

Generally, 2-3 times a bath a week is enough for your baby to keep clean and hygienic. However, if you can bath your baby daily, it’s great!

Some babies enjoy bathing, and thus it becomes easy for parents to bath them easily. But, if your baby is cranky, you may find it challenging to execute. 

Avoid bathing your child when he/she is hungry. Get someone’s help when you bath your baby. You can even bath with your baby to comfort them. Also, if your baby is still grump, you can start breastfeeding it while bathing. 

Baby Care Tips for New Moms # 3: Feeding Your Baby

Breast milk is the best meal for newborn babies. Hence you must stick to breast milk essentially. It is the best way to build a bond with your newborn. If in case you are unable to breastfeed your baby, you may go for formula. 

Ideally, you must give 8 to 10 feeds a day in the first three months. Babies show signs of their hunger through their hand movements. They might start sucking their fingers, smacking of lips, or crying. 

This is one of the most relieving Baby Care Tips for New Moms that can encourage even the most annoyed first-time mothers to feel convinced and confident.

Baby Care Tips for New Moms # 5: Baby Massage

Within the first three months, you can start massaging your baby. Massage helps them to develop physically and mentally. Massage can also benefit your child in the following ways

  • Abdominal massage boosts digestion
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Increases Muscle strength
  • Practicing eye contact
  • Building a Strong Immune System
  • A Sound Sleep

Baby Care Tips for New Moms # 6: Helping Your Baby Sleep 

Baby Care Tips for New Moms To Help Them Sleep
Baby Care Tips for New Moms To Help Them Sleep

When you can’t have a sound sleep at night with your baby, it becomes exasperating. Although the sleepless nights might be tiresome at first, better sleep nights may approach as your baby grows. Newborn babies sleep for 15 to 17 hours a day (in breaks).

In the third and fourth months, they start sleeping for about 9 to 10 hours at night. These months may be relieving for you. 

Ideally, your baby must not be slept alone for at least 8 to 12 months. This might aid in moderating the risk of unexpected sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

These are the basic Baby Care Tips for New Moms to make their journey with their newborns easy and comfortable.

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