knit hat to prevent and protect baby from shaken baby syndrome

How A Knit Hat Might Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome?

How A Knit Hat Might Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome?

A knit hat can help in the fight to prevent shaken baby syndrome. Unfortunately, this syndrome has bee termed as one of the leading causes of infant deaths in the United States. The cause of this syndrome is still difficult to comprehend, but it does happen due to a lack of education and awareness. This article will throw light on how a knit hat might prevent the shaken baby syndrome.

What Is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Tired mothers or uneducated parents might be unaware of handling a baby properly. A particularly cranky baby with little sleep and high needs might compel the parents to shake it, leading to its death. Lack of education, awareness, undiagnosed postpartum depression and tiredness are some of the reasons for shaking a baby. This is today classified as child abuse. This syndrome is still quite misunderstood today and parents should be made more aware of the consequences.

Probably, when the baby is being shaken in anger or frustration by the parents, they forget to breathe. But more precisely, this syndrome is also known as abusive head trauma. When a baby is shaken, it can cause serious brain injury. A shaken baby’s brain cells get damaged or they do not get enough oxygen. This is now an established form of child abuse, resulting in permanent brain damage or a baby’s death. This disease is also preventable. Parents who are at high risk of harming their own child due to depression or other symptoms should be educated about the possible consequences of shaking their child.

A Knit Hat Can Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

A recent finding brought some hopes to this otherwise gloomy and dark situation. An organization in South Blend is educating people on how a knit hat might prevent a shaken baby syndrome. This hat is being sent by the organization to new parents as a gentle reminder that they should never shake a baby. If the baby is giving them lots of trouble, it is better to walk out of the room or cry. You can also scream for help, but never give in to the impulse of shaking a baby. The knit hat works as a visual cue for parents to remember the consequences of shaking a baby. The organization is looking for volunteers to send in more knit hats so that they can distribute them to new parents across America.

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How A Knit Hat Might Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome?

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