Incredible Mother: The First Time Motherhood

Incredible Mother: The First Time Motherhood

“I’m not mommy. I’m the Incredible Mother” by Sheila Beck seems to promise new, first-time motherhood but it can’t be farther from the truth. This book is an advice guide for second time moms. Unfortunately, the common features of this book – help in managing the stress of raising a family and coping with a first child are completely ignored in favor of what’s required for having a baby – namely, new mothers to believe that they can do anything and everything.

“Magical!” You’re likely thinking at this point. After all, in spite of the book’s title, the advice in this book is totally real and grounded in reality. But that also means that for many women, this book will only reinforce the belief that motherhood is an impossible feat, never mind magical. It’s not so.

Read The Book On Motherhood

It’s just that the book doesn’t provide the right advice for a new mother to succeed. Instead, it simply shows new mothers that they can follow a few tips that won’t make a world of difference. The advice that Beck provides is not a magic wand. Rather, it is a useful tool for all new mothers to master. Unfortunately, most first time mothers don’t take the step to master the tool because they simply can’t afford to.

Incredible Mother: The First Time Motherhood
Incredible Mother: The First Time Motherhood

The journey from trying to find the magic wand to master the journey from Amazing Momma to Incredible Momma is well worth the effort. Take the advice given in Amazing Momma: A Mother’s Guide to Fulfilling Her Loved One’s Dreams. The book is full of examples and tips. The only problem is that they will only be effective if you put in the time and effort.

Unfortunately, many first time moms do not have that luxury. They are young, single, and without support. They are not going to spend two hours on the computer researching and writing an advice guide for motherhood. Nor are they going to quit their job and remain unemployed for two months. On the other hand, Imagine Earth’s author did. She had enough money to live on while raising her daughter, however, and so she took it upon herself to create and publish this book.

Physical Burdens Of Motherhood

In this book, she shares a few simple tips for success, as well as a few challenges that women are faced with when taking care of a baby. These challenges are more than enough to teach new mothers how to survive the emotional and physical burdens of motherhood. For many first time mothers, these tips and challenges are the missing piece of a puzzle that is being pieced together each day.

As a whole, the book is a good read. However, the lack of advice for success can hinder your ability to pursue it. As the author points out at one point, many women who embark on motherhood forget to eat properly and exercise. Having a healthy diet and exercising daily will make the journey to motherhood easier for any woman.

On the other hand, if you really want to prove to yourself that you can succeed, this book is definitely a powerful statement. Beck’s memoir is filled with quotes and anecdotes that illustrate that having a child is a massive undertaking. Becoming a parent, while in many ways a full-time job, will require a lot of hard work. Making it through motherhood is easier if you’re prepared.

Incredible Mother: The First Time Motherhood
Incredible Mother: The First Time Motherhood

Becoming A Parent Is A Transition

Becoming a parent is a huge transition. It is not easy. It is not even funny. All of these factors affect a woman’s mental state, and many women make mistakes during motherhood.

Mothers are going to make mistakes; unfortunately, these mistakes are going to be costly. In an attempt to save the relationship between mom and child, first-time mothers try to make the mistakes of their predecessors and these mistakes can negatively affect their relationships and families for years to come. For the most part, second-time mothers should not expect their families to come to them.

Incredibly, when it comes to managing the stress of motherhood, her advice is to surround yourself with support and family. Ask your husband to go shopping with you once a week; set aside time every week to talk to your spouse. Tell your children that you are going through a trying time in your life.

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