How To Keep Your Baby Warm In The Stroller?

How To Keep Your Baby Warm In The Stroller?

Although strollers are very practical baby-vehicles, you often have concerns regarding how to keep your baby warm inside the stroller. As a parent, you worry whether your baby is warm enough or should you use more blankets. Some strollers come with unique wind-proof designs that prevent cold from entering. Let us read more about how to keep your baby warm inside strollers.

How To Keep Your Baby Warm In The Stroller?
How To Keep Your Baby Warm In The Stroller?

How To Keep Your Baby Warm Inside A Stroller?

While some fresh air is always good and healthy, to keep a baby warm and cozy becomes more important when you step out in winters. If you are holding your baby, your body’s warmth gives protection and comfort, but when you take your baby inside the stroller, you need to be extra careful. Babies are unable to regulate their temperatures immediately as adults can do. Moreover, as their immunity is low, they catch a cold or the flu rather easily. Here are some tips that can be useful.

Use a Stroller Liner

This essential equipment for strollers. This liner easily fits inside the stroller to keep the baby’s body nice and warm. You should select a fabric that is breathable and washable.

Buy a Stroller Footmuff

A footmuff is great insulators that fit securely over your stroller. These are specially designed for different strollers and you need to check yours before you buy. The footmuff comes with a zipper opening that enables you to take your baby in and out. These offer more insulation than blankets and are almost like cocoons for the baby to stay protected in. They are very useful in winter weather.


Do not overstuff your baby with blankets as the bulk may make them comfortable. Use washable, breathable and light-weight blankets, perfect enough to make your baby cozy and warm. Some people even use blankets over a footmuff to prevent cold air from getting in. In such cases, use blanket clips to keep it in place.

Baby Dress

This includes all sorts of baby clothing as per the weather conditions. If you are stepping out with your baby in a place where snowfall is rampant, then a snowsuit will be useful. You can even keep them in the basket of the stroller and use it when it suddenly starts snowing. Ensure that you dress up your baby well, diapers, inner shirt, romper or dress for the day, socks, booties, mittens and a warm sweater or jacket. Don’t’ forget the warm hat to keep the head protected.

How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Warm Enough?

If your baby is fussier than usual, then maybe they are not very comfortable. Check the diaper and try feeding. You can also try removing an extra blanket cover to check whether they are feeling bulky and stuffy. But as a general rule, babies do need to wear an extra layer of clothing when compared to older children or adults.

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