Learn How To Sterilize And Clean Baby Bottles Like A Pro

Learn How To Sterilize And Clean Baby Bottles Like A Pro

If you have ever been concerned about how to clean baby bottles properly or whether your baby’s bottles are properly sanitized, then you are not alone! Many of us young mothers often worry about not being able to clean these essential tools well. Moreover, at the end of a long day of constantly changing diapers, feeding, cleaning, and then feeding again seems quite daunting and tiring. So when it comes to sterilizing baby bottles properly, we often tend to get a little lose and then feel guilty later. Bottle washing cannot be ignored, and here are some tips to make this task easier.

Learn How To Sterilize And Clean Baby Bottles Like A Pro
Learn How To Sterilize And Clean Baby Bottles Like A Pro

How To Clean Baby Bottles Properly?

Tip 1

The first step is sterilization. Even if you are opening up a fresh new bottle, you have got to sterilize it first. The best way is to give a 5-minute bath in boiling water. Put the nipples, pumps, and bottles inside boiling water for 5 minutes. You will also need to clean the pump parts and other bottle parts inside hot water. All the bacteria, germs, and other debris will die in boiling water.

Tip 2

After sterilization, you will have to clean with soap and water. You get many brands of baby bottles washing liquid in the market. Get a product you like and make a soapy liquid. Gather essential tools like a large bowl, bottle cleaning brush, and a drying rack. Start cleaning the bottles with the brush inside out first. Clean each part piece by piece and then rinse each part separately with hot water. This will ensure that you remove all traces of milk. You can even drop all the bottles in soapy water till you clean each part one by one. Lastly, wash them again with clean water and put on the drying rack. Do not forget to clean your cleaning tools too.

Tip 3

If you feel this task is quite overwhelming, you can even purchase a proper sterilizer. This tool makes your bottle cleaning task quite easy. You will never have to think about how to clean your baby bottles again once you get a bottle sterilizer. This tool is essentially useful in the nights when your baby gets up frequently for a feed, and you hate going to wash the dirty bottles in the middle of the night. You can keep the sterilizer next to your bed and enjoy feeding your baby in clean and freshly sanitized bottles every time. These tools come with different attachments and often you get baby bottles, cleaning brush and nipples along with the sterilizer.

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