How Is Pregnancy Due Date Calculated?

How are Pregnancy Due Dates Calculated?

The pregnancy due date calculated on the first day of the last period means if a woman misses her period and wants to know whether she is pregnant or not, then she is already four weeks pregnant, and the baby is growing for two weeks. Another way to calculate the pregnancy due date is an ultrasound, which clarifies all the doubts and informs present status.


An Ultrasound is the best way to know your pregnancy due date because it calculated not on the cycle time. Still, the actual time of your baby egg and measurement is accurate and doesn’t even difference in the day. Sometimes ultrasound results confuse women about their cycle time. But instead of calculating the pregnancy due date on an essential approach, doctors believed in ultrasound results, which is the best way to know your pregnancy due date and health of your baby. By using ultrasound, you are not only known about your due date, but it will also provide information about your baby growth, health, activity, etc. So, doctors have full faith in ultrasound results.

What Happens If Baby Measures Big or Small


When you book your appointment with your doctor after 20 weeks of pregnancy period, then the doctor will measure the bally, which should match with your gestation age, which will help them to know about the baby is measuring big or small. Pregnancy Due date is not only calculated to know the gestation period but also to know whether your baby is growing big or small, and which will decide the whether your gestation period is 40 weeks or less than it. Which will help to know the health of the baby and the mother, and doctor can easily make their decision.

The doctor’s recommendation on health and diet is also dependant on baby health condition when the growth of the baby is small then he will suggest mother what she has to maintain the health of baby and mother. Proper diet plan and exercise, which will help to improve baby and mother condition. And help to keep the first gestation period for a healthy delivery, because when the mother has some health issue like diabetes, or she is not using a healthy lifestyle, then it will increase the risk of birth.


Every about to become parents are curious about the good health of their baby. These dates can help them know about the activity of their baby. Moreover, babies and mothers both need more care in the gestation period. Thus, the date helps to know about the gestation period as well. The due date will help to make a decision when to care more and what is the risk area. Moreover, avoiding miscarriage and delivering a healthy baby is a significant task to accomplish nowadays due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the due date will be helpful for both parents and doctors. It can help them to overcome the problems of delivery. Moreover, the parents can make the right decision whenever needed.

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