Fun Baby Doll and Accessories From Kolcraft

baby doll and accessories

A baby doll or two are among the most popular infant girl toys today. There are many fun ideas that can be incorporated into a baby girls play set. Baby dolls come in many varieties, each one is painted and styled to cater to the desires of a certain group of girls. If you have a baby girl and are planning to buy her some dolls for play, here are some of the most popular ones that you may consider:

Inclusions In The Little Tikes Baby Doll And Accessories Set

Baby Doll

The Little Tikes Baby Doll and Accessories Set includes a Little Tikes Big Baby Stroller, a Little Tikes Double Pack Stroller, and a Big Baby Pretend Play Mat. The strollers by Little Tikes are brightly colored and come with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from these strollers. They also have slick tires for maximum maneuverability. The Little Tikes double pack stroller has comfortable seats that swivel out in a side to side motion for easy access to your little one. The play mat has an extra large play area for your toddler to enjoy.

Kolcraft Little Tikes Pup Pals Review

A little girl sitting at a table with a teddy bear

 This Kolcraft product is another great example of how a baby doll should look. Kolcraft makes a number of fun and creative baby products. For example, their Little Tikes Pup Pad comes with an adorable plastic pink pup and lots of fun accessories. The pink color is a nod to the baby food industry. All of the Little Tikes Pup Pals are machine washable, and the baby food can be removed and recycled whenever you wish to replace a stain.

Kolcraft Little Tikes Plush Duck Bo Peeple

 With all of the cute animals that Kolcraft makes, one would think this would be a perfect gift for your toddler. Actually it is not your usual everyday doll but a very unique and stylish one. It comes in a plush duck color with two Velcro straps and a cute little bear on the front. The shoulder straps are stretchy, so it will easily fit on a mom’s purse or diaper bag. The plush duck and people come with a removable elasticized shoulder strap, so it will stay in place even as your little girl grows.

Kolcraft Little Tikes Plush Animal Babies

This is another great example of a baby doll playset that comes in an animal design. These adorable 18 inch dolls are made from a soft plush material. The bear on the back is dressed in a cute baby outfit with a sweater. The Little Tikes Plush Animal Babies stands on four legs, so they can move around just like a real baby would.

Kolcraft Little Tikes Pink & White Miniature Animals

 This is a very beautiful pink and white miniature animal baby doll playhouse. It has a baby food jar on the front, and a rocking chair in its corner. It also has a toy soldier for mom to nurse baby in, and a piggy bank for dad. It also comes with a set of colorful wooden playing blocks for the baby’s toys to keep him occupied. The Kolcraft Little Tikes Pink and White Miniature Animals Baby doll playset comes with a removable coat of paint, and a set of rocking chairs, making it easy for mom to use. This is a great baby doll playhouse for a girl or boy.

Kolcraft Little Tikes Pink and White Miniature Animals Highchair

 This is a Kolcraft Little Tikes High Chair and an animal baby doll set includes an adorable pink and white baby chicks in a highchair. It also comes with an adjustable Velcro strap for easier positioning of the baby in the high chair. The Kolcraft Little Tikes High Chair and the Animal Baby Dolls play sets include a baby piggy bank, a piggy cup, a baby blanket, and a piggy dish. The Little Tikes High Chair also has a toy soldier, a duck, and a chicken. This is a great way to provide baby with a collection of animals to enjoy for many years.

Kolcraft Little Tikes Pink and White Miniature Animals Pack n Play

This is a Kolcraft Little Tikes Pink and White Miniature Animals Pack n Play set that is perfect for a baby shower gift or to give as a gift. This is a complete pack n play with all of the items needed to keep baby busy and having fun. It includes a baby pink and white duck with a duck dish, baby rabbit, duck friend, piggy bank, a baby chick, a baby monkey, and an activity ring. The set includes a pink flocked backpack and matching changing table pad and a carrying case.

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