Everything About Baby Care Play Mat Parents Should Know

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A baby care play mat might not be the most important item for parents, but it is beneficial for the baby. This simple-looking mat seems nothing to do with the kid’s growth other than giving him a safe and comfortable place to play. In reality, a play mat lets your kid interact with surroundings and helps in sitting and crawling activities.

Here we are discussing everything about this must-have item parents should know. Read further.

Introduction To Baby Care Play Mat 

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Unlike regular mats, playmats are extremely comfortable and made with soft fabrics and foam to provide comfort to babies. However, each differs in terms of textures to offer different tactile interactions. More advanced play mats come with in-built musical instruments to encourage kid’s development.

Having a baby care play mat at the stage when kids start moving, crawling, and sitting up is highly beneficial. It acts as a gym to improve their tummy time and movements. As a result, babies learn to roll over, sit up, and move without much help.

Usually, it takes around 6 months to develop these abilities using a baby care play mat.

Types Of Baby Care Play Mats 

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While buying a playmat for a baby, one must think about its size, features, and type. Here are some commonly available in the stores:

  • Puzzle mats- Good for the ones who have just started crawling
  • Ball pits- Suitable for toddlers and 6 months old kids.
  • Tummy time mats- Helps in building the upper body strength of kids.
  • Activity gym- It has educational elements that help in the growth and development of babies

Benefits Of Baby Care Play Mat 

1. Safety- Don’t let your baby roll over and crawl on the floor as the hard surfaces will hurt their newly developed bones. On the other hand, the surface of mats allows your kids to roll over them easily without making them feel pain.

2. Portability- These mats are easier to carry anywhere, which means you always have a comfortable ground for your kids. They can play for hours without getting dirty or acquiring germs from the floor.

3. Versatile- Baby care play mats are multipurpose. They find a place everywhere, right from homes to daycare centers. They are great for special babies with poor motor skills.

4. Stimulation- Mats are available in different bright colors and have textured surfaces that not only entertain kids but also improve their sensory experiences. The puzzle-designed or animal-printed mats and noisy fabric are extremely interactive and worth buying.

Not only do these reasons make baby care play mats an important item, but their role in the development of fine motor skills makes them worthy.

Best In The Stores

Here are the top baby care play mats online.

Fisher-Price Kick’n Play

  1. It comes with a mini piano to engage your kids
  2. Portable
  3. Learning content can be changed

Lovevery Play Gym

  1. Easily washable
  2. In-built overhead activity gym
  3. It has a wooden batting ring

Lollaland Play Mat

  1. Water-resistant
  2. Well-cushioned
  3. BPA free

Always look for non-toxic mats free from PVC, BPA, and formaldehyde.

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