Cute Accessories For Newborn Photography

accessories for newborn photography

Newborn photography has become quite trendy these days. They look unique and become a memory for the parents and the child who can cherish them in the future. However, the biggest issue that the parents face is what accessories to use for the shoot. There are several accessories available, and choosing the right one can become a monumental task. Therefore, to help out the parents, we have listed a few accessories for newborn photography here in this article.

All of these accessories are cute and will instantly vibe up the aesthetic of your pictures. However, you must ensure that the props you use are large enough to hold the baby. Moreover, they should not cause any discomfort to the baby.

Fun Painted Furniture

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Furniture that is cute and has some funky element in it looks extremely cute and charming. Further, if you don’t have an item of colorful furniture, you can always opt for spray paint to paint it.

You can use any furniture that you have and paint it in different colors. Colorful furniture adds a lot of charm and elegance to the photos.

Stuffed Animals

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There is something about the stuffed animals that looks extremely cute and soothing. They provide a sort of comfort to the people that no other thing can do. They instantly increase the charm of the photos and give a fun toy to the baby to play with.

Also, you can get several cute pictures of your baby in the presence of stuffed animals.


One of the cutest things that are trending in baby photography is chalkboard. Also, you can use it several times in your pictures by giving it a new twist. You can use it to mark the age of your baby as he grows.

You can further use the chalkboard in holiday shoots like Christmas, easter, bday occasions, and more.

Mom Dad

Sometimes, it is best to use an essential prop in the shoot, which is mom dad. There are several poses that you can make with your baby. For instance, you can arrange the baby in either or both parents’ arms. Further, click close shots of the parents holding the baby or swaddled in their hands. Have the parents keep the baby’s feet while their hands create the shape of a heart. Moreover, one can even add personal memorabilia items such as mommy’s and daddy’s wedding rings. If daddy is a baseball player, have him try holding the baby in a baseball glove.

All of this will add a personal and unique touch to your pictures.

Cozy Baskets

Now, when you don’t find anything to use, you can always opt for a basket and place a cozy blanket. A baby placed in a basket looks extremely cute. Also, you can take versatile shots of your baby in a basket.

However, do ensure that the basket is sturdy and roomy to keep your baby comfortable.

The Final Say

Clicking pictures of a baby is easy and fun to do. However, it would help if you used the appropriate prop. Further, do ensure the safety of your baby. Do not use any prop that might cause any discomfort to your baby.

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