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unisex baby clothes

Clothing should be fluffy, comfortable, and easy to care for.

There are plenty of reasons to choose unisex newborn baby clothing, whether you’re trying to figure out the gender or not. It’s an intelligent way to make sure you get the most re-use value out of your clothes for potential brothers and sisters, and the clothes don’t have to be bland.

Even if you know your baby’s gender, you don’t have to dress him or her solely in pink or blue – neutrals, monochrome, purple, and green all look fantastic on babies! Who said boys couldn’t wear pink and girls couldn’t wear blue?!

There Are Many Benefits Of Unisex Baby Clothes

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  • Practical – If this is your first child and you expect to have another (or several!) in the future. It only makes sense to spend your baby clothes budget on durable, well-made unisex clothes that will last through several babies.

• Fashionable – Have you noticed how more and more moms are dressing their babies like little adults, as well as the massive rise in black and grey baby clothes? Some mother disapproves… However, for babies, I prefer black and grey! It’s very fashionable, and it goes with any shoes or outerwear you choose to add to your baby’s ensemble.

• Ideal for Team Green – if you don’t know your baby’s gender, buying unisex is the only option… For the time being, at least. When your baby is born in larger sizes, you can purchase boy or girl-specific clothes.

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Any item you’ll need for a newborn can be purchased in a unisex variety. You’re not going to pick out any skirts or hair bows… but concentrating on the most basic requirements for baby clothing.

Tops with envelope necks are easier to get over your baby’s head, as stretchy jumpsuits fasten in the front. Jumpsuits with zips can also make dressing your baby a breeze. Cotton-based clothing is a decent option.

One-piece suits are a must-have for newborn clothing, so make sure you have enough! I would suggest having at least 7, but it depends on how much you intend to do laundry.

Zip-up outfits are ideal for comfort and ease of use. If you can (and the weather permits), get the ones with fold-over cuffs (in-built mittens!) and foot covers, so you don’t have to think about mittens and socks.


Allowing children to wear any color or style of clothing they choose, regardless of gender, is thought to give them a more flexible perspective on the world. Limiting a child’s clothing, room decorations, and toys based on gender, on the other hand, can restrict their creativity or even their ability to pursue those career paths. If a little girl is refused a shirt with a rocket ship on it because it’s “not for children,” she may learn that rockets, space travel, or science, in general, isn’t appropriate.

Although it’s uncertain how much gender-specific clothing affects children’s early growth, it can’t hurt for worried parents to keep their children’s choices open.

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