Breast Feeding Or Formula Milk: Which Is better?

Breast Feeding Or Formula Milk: Which Is better?

Breast feeding or formula milk is one of the most significant decisions that new parents need to take. Breast milk is the natural milk that the body of a mother produces. And formula milk is the box milk that comprises almost all the nutrients that a newborn needs. But not all mothers can breastfeed their child. For many, the decision is based on comfort level, medical conditions, and also lifestyle. For mothers who cannot breastfeed for them, the formula milk is a healthy alternative. Therefore it is up to parents what they decide for their child. In most cases, there is hardly any difference between the ways of feeding.

Breast Feeding Or Formula Milk: Which Is better?
Breast Feeding Or Formula Milk: Which Is better?

Breastfeeding And Formula Milk

Breast milk provides ideal nourishment to the child. World Health Organization also recommends that a mother’s milk is best for the child. Breast milk helps a child defend against infection, protect against chronic conditions, and even prevent allergies.
On the other hand, formula feed is commercial milk. It also contains all the vitamins and nutrients that a newborn needs. It is a complex combination of sugars, fats, proteins, and also vitamins that one cannot prepare at home.

Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Breast milk helps to fight infections and also strengthens the immune system. Therefore it reduces the chances of getting diseases like ear infections, meningitis, and diarrhea. It also helps to protect babies from allergies, diabetes, obesity, and also asthma. For newborns, it is easy to digest mother’s milk. It is free of cost, and therefore one pays nothing for it. It is also convenient to breast-feed a child at any hour of the day. Breast milk makes smarter kids and also beneficial for mom too.

Challenges Of Breast-milking

It takes a lot of patience for mom and babies to get into the routine of feeding. Initially, the process is uncomfortable because it causes pain and soreness. The nipples also hurt, and also some mothers experience back pain. It becomes a problem for working mothers to breastfeed their kids. During the breast-milking period, mothers must keep a check on their diet and eat healthy food. Therefore the entire phase of feeding might not be comfortable and easy for all the mothers.

Benefits Of Formula Feeding

It contains all the nutrients for newborn babies. It is very convenient for new mothers to feed their children with formula milk. It involves the duty of both parents to feed the child. A mother can take a regular diet and live a healthy life after giving this milk to her child. Therefore opting for formula milk is also not a bad idea.

Breast Feeding Or Formula Milk: Which Is better?
Breast Feeding Or Formula Milk: Which Is better?

Challenges Of Formula Feeding

The child’s immune system stays a week for an extended period because it lacks antibodies. It is expensive and cannot match the quality of breast milk. There are also chances of gas and constipation in children.


Formula milk and breast milk have their benefits and challenges. Parents can select the type of milk as per their lifestyle and preferences. Therefore it all depends upon parents that what kind of milk they want their child to consume.

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