Best ways childrens language development

children's language development

The human child is the most complicated and difficult to study among all animals. The particularities of its development are reflected in individual differences, which are huge compared with other animals. For example, every three-year toddler knows about 6 000 words but can actively use no more than 100. Nevertheless, many parents believe that their children know much less.

How can children learn so many words, understand them, and use them correctly? And why is it mainly the daughter of the family who knows all this? The answer to these questions can be given by any language development expert. But other interesting things cannot be explained by science alone, but rather should be studied in philosophy, cognitive science, and psychology.

We asked psychologists, pediatricians, and teachers about the influence of such factors as the mentality of parents, cultural differences in upbringing children, and other aspects on the language development of kids. The next years will be a time for discoveries in this field of research. Meanwhile, we have compiled some tips for you to help your child learn language more effectively.

1) Talk with your child as much as possible.

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The more you talk to your child, the better they will learn to speak. It is important to talk naturally, using simple language and avoiding long explanations. If you are patient and keep talking to them, your child will gradually start speaking themselves.

2) Do not be afraid to use some small words incorrectly

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your child will correct you, but they need time for it.

3) Use the same words and phrases

when talking about things or people that your child is familiar with. This way they will learn what these words mean and start understanding them faster than through synonyms.

4) Give your child a chance to listen to the language as much as possible.

Play with their ear or read books out loud, etc. You need to understand the fact that children do not have any problems with pronunciation, but rather they find it difficult to reproduce sounds correctly because they have not heard these sounds before. If you think that your child’s pronunciation is poor, consult a speech therapist.

5) Sing songs with your child.

Singing nursery rhymes and other children’s songs is a great way to improve their language skills. It is important to sing these songs correctly, emphasizing all the syllables and proper intonation.

It is especially important to sing with children in the early stages of their language development because it helps them learn pronunciation.

6) Play word games with your child, such as “I spy”, etc.

All these games are great tools for developing kids’ vocabularies. You need to remember that you cannot force your child to learn new words. It is important to make the games interesting and fun for them so that they want to participate.

7) Do not be afraid to use different languages when talking with your child.

This will help them learn foreign languages faster. Just make sure that you are consistent with the language you are using and do not switch back and forth between languages all the time.

8) Try not to use other people’s children as examples for your kids,

since they may have completely different interests, skills, and talents. If you want your child to learn the language faster, try using online learning materials such as translations by professional translators. With these services, you can be sure that your child will learn the language correctly and with proper pronunciation.

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