Best Newborn Photo Accessories you Must Have

newborn photo accessories

Getting great pictures of your newborn or infant is certainly not kid stuff. Indeed, the window of opportunity for coaxing a perfect expression and a picturesque pose from your little bundle of joy is fleeting, at best. For parents (and others) who aspire to capture such moments, user-friendly gear, highly functional accessories, and photogenic props can make all the difference. With this in mind, here are our best recommendations to help make photo sessions with your unpredictable little darlings a success.

With camera gear in hand and the stage set, it’s time to add a touch of style to your adorable subject. To assist in this matter, B&H stocks accessories designed by companies such as Custom Photo Props, a leading producer of accessories for newborn photography.

Swaddling Props

A person lying on a bed

Immerse your infant in the comforting embrace of a colorful knit baby wrap, or let your bundle of joy doze on the soft texture of a faux fur/flokati fur photo prop, offered in varied colors and multiple sizes.

Wardrobe Accessories and Set Props

A man holding a teddy bear sitting on top of a bed

For a creative and comfortable wardrobe option, clothe your newborn in this pink chiffon diaper cover, topped by a dainty headband or bow.

The background and studio accessories brand Lastolite offers posing props that cater to both infants and adults. Its cushioned Baby Poser with Gray Cover is designed to help keep baby vertical and comfy while enabling you to capture precious and unique moments in your child’s life.

Lastolite Baby Poser

Once baby is dressed for the part, it’s time to draw the attention of your tiny subject toward the lens. In the eyes of your infant, the black brick of metal and glass of your camera holds little appeal on its own, but B&H offers inventive solutions for engaging tiny subjects and turning frowns upside down.

Camera Creatures offers posing props in the form of four two colorful animals—a perky peacock or a lovable ladybug that can be wrapped around almost any camera lens. Sold individually or as a full set of four, each prop has a built–in squeaker to keep your diminutive subject’s eyes on the lens.

Camera Creatures Friendly Perky Peacock Prop

Phoxi Tog designed its Camera Buddies posing aids to become hands-free when the animal’s 17″ adjustable tail is wrapped around the exterior of your lens, the top of your tripod, or even your arm or the brim of your hat. If your subject’s eyes start to wander, a built-in squeaker inside the base helps to regain his or her attention.

Last but not least, Shutter Huggers makes a wide variety of cute critters to fit both cameras with lenses up to 3.5″ in diameter (90mm) or smartphones, tablets, and other portable recording devices. Choose from full-sized Shutter Huggers, which wrap around the camera lens, or Shutter Hugger mini designs that easily clip to the edge of your device of choice.

Shutter Huggers Eagle Shutter Hugger

Beyond the set dressing and adorable props, if you’re seeking a broader foundation of knowledge and inspiration with which to photograph your infant, B&H comes to your aid with a wide variety of books and tutorials, such as these selections geared toward children and family portraits.

With all of these tools at your fingertips, you should now be able to approach every session prepared to capture delightful images that will form a cornerstone of precious memories for years to come.

These are some great accessories to have for newborn photography.

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