Best New Born Accessories List

best newborn accessories

Meta Description: Struggling to collect the best accessories your newborn might need? Here is a list of the best new born accessories every parent must acquire.

There are some accessories every new born will need. These include bottles, nappies, blankets, diapers, clothes and grooming products. Here is a list of some essential new born accessories.

New Born Accessories

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Nappies and Diapers

You need to change the diapers of newborns every few hours. This means that you should have a stock of these always handy. Some parents only make their new born wear cotton nappies and use diapers only when going out. This requires you to have a pack of disposable diapers always handy. If you only wish to make your new born wear cotton nappies, you can buy ones with Velcro or drawstrings.

Baby Clothes

There are plenty of options of baby clothes. Whatever you buy, ensure that you buy soft cotton or woolen clothes for your new born as per the temperature conditions. Clothes for newborns include shirt dresses, one-pieces, rompers, frocks, shirts, pants and many more. It is best to stock on shirts and frocks for daily use at home.

Baby Wipes

You will be needing plenty of these to wipe off your baby’s bottom, face, hands, etc after every excretion or after every meal. You will also need baby wipes to keep wiping off the drool. Invest in wipes that are non-fragrant and gentle on the baby’s skin.

Cotton Socks

It is not practical to make a baby wear shoes at home as they have not even learned to walk yet. But, you do need to keep their feet warm and protected. Invest in a few pairs of cotton socks for your little one as this will keep your baby warm and comfortable at all times.

Grooming Products

Baby’s need a lot of grooming products. These include baby soap, baby shower gel, baby shampoo, body lotion, talc and even nappy rash cream. Invest in a good-quality baby brand that manufactures gentle and tested products.

Baby Wash or Detergent

You will be needing a lot of these as babies tend to dirty their sheets and clothes quite often. Be prepared to wash a pile of soiled linen everyday. It is therefore, suggested to invest in safe baby wash or detergent to wash your baby’s clothes.

Baby Cradle or Crib

You will need a baby cradle, crib or play pen where you can put your sleeping baby or leave your baby when you go to the washroom. This is more important if you are living alone. A playpen is a safe cot for the baby from where the baby cannot go out.

Baby blankets and Sheets

You will need soft baby sheets to spread on the cot or bed where you are putting your child to sleep and you will also need a baby blanket to cover your child as they sleep. Both should be of pure cotton and absolutely safe on your baby’s skin.

These are some essential new born accessories that you will need.

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