Best learning toys near me

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You cannot leave them alone with an iPad or a tablet. While tablets can be great learning tools and fun for older kids, they are not the best option when it comes to the youngest ones. There are so many other toys to play with, and you can even make some simple homemade ones as well.

Some of these learning toys will help your child learn basic colors, shapes, letters, or numbers. They are fun to play with and also help boost creativity skills. Let’s see what is the best learning toy available near me.

A learning toy through playing

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Some of the best toys for learning are wooden ones, as they can be painted or stained by children themselves. It is a great way to let your child discover colors and shapes.

You will also need soft cotton fabric in different colors to make soft blocks with shapes on them. These fabric cubes can be used later to teach letters and numbers.

You can find some soft fabric educational blocks near me by searching online for “educational toys near me”.

They are very easy to make and you will need just a few materials.

Building blocks toys

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A lot of kids love plush toys and since they look nice and can provide hours of fun, they can also be learning toys as well.

You will need some felt, cotton fabric, and buttons to make these plush blocks with letters or shapes on them. You can read more about how to do this here: How to Make Shape Blocks.

There are so many things you can make at home for your child, but you should always give them some sturdy wooden blocks to play with as well.

They can spend hours stacking them up on top of each other and it will be a great way to learn shapes, letters, numbers, and how to build things. You can search online for “homemade learning toys near me” or “learning toys for toddlers near me”.

Plush toy

Your child will love pushing these wooden cars around, and they are great for improving their fine motor skills too. Kids of all ages can play with this set of toy trucks, and it is a perfect learning tool for tiny tots. While your child pushes the car down the floor or table, they learn about color, numbers, and letters.

Toy car

Kids love playing with keyboard toys which are great for improving their gross motor skills too. These musical instruments are colorful and fun to play with. They can learn about numbers, letters, colors, or even how to make music when they press the keys.

Musical toy

A lot of inventions and progress happened after the industrial revolution, but you can teach your kids about innovation through these simple toys. All of them are made from simple blocks that you can assemble to create a toy car. They will learn how to follow instructions and improve their fine motor skills while playing with these blocks.

Block set

Every kid loves to paint, so why not get them some coloring books and some nice painting tools for toddlers? Crayons are easy to hold, but some toddlers may prefer markers. You can also try stickers or some simple watercolors if you are ready to spend a little more on the sets of supplies.

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