Best Books For Babies And Toddlers- A Parent’s Guide

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Everyone loves a good bedtime story. Not only does it refresh your mind, but it adds a lot to your vocabulary. Here is the guide to choose the best books for babies and toddlers.

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlers are essential. It helps in the developing of speech, language, and imagination as well. It is crucial to read to babies at a young age.

 Stories allow them to retain things for a more extended period. Babies exposed to stories every day also fare better with age. Therefore, an all-round growth for your baby. 

The question is, how do you pick a book? There are thousands of books for babies in the market. You might get confused about which one to buy. Well, we are determined to make the selection of books easier. 

We will provide you with several books that can be fun and at the same time, educate your baby and toddler.

Best Books To Buy For Your Baby
Best Books To Buy For Your Baby

Best Books To Buy For Your Baby –

Dear Zoo, By Rod Campbell:

A Book that serves as a bedtime story and an educative tool as well. Many parents choose Dear Zoo for their babies. The story is simple and fun. Adding to it are the names of different animals for them to learn.

Baby Touch And Feel Animals: 

The book provides a first-hand tactile experience for your babies. The book enhances learning. Therefore, it uses domestic pets and farm animals for the young ones to feel, learn and play. 

Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book: 

Bring your rabbit to life with the Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book. Puppet books arouse curiosity among babies. The story becomes more interesting with the moving element. 

Is It Bedtime Wiggly Pig? By Mick Inkpen: 

The calm, soft storyline about Wiggly Pig going to bed is a need for babies. The book allows your kids to interact and count to sleep. It helps in increasing your babies’ vocabulary as well. 

Baby’s Very First Noisy Nursery Rhymes:

A book that sings to your baby. Its sound panel comes with buttons. When pressed rhymes like Twinkle, twinkle little star and Baa Baa black sheep plays.

Books To Buy For Your Toddler
Books To Buy For Your Toddler

Books To Buy For Your Toddler –

Guess How Much I Love You, By Sam Mc Bratney:

A story that helps your toddler bond with you. It illustrates the love of a parent to their young ones. It is a perfect book for a warm cuddle with your toddler before sleep. 

Postman Bear By Julia Donaldson And Axel Scheffler:

A book that comes with rhyming words, making it fun for your toddler to read. The bear in the story writes letters to his friends. It exposes the toddler to writing their first letter as a way of expressing emotion.

Daisy Eat Your Peas, By Kes Gray And Nick Sharratt: 

This picture book illustrates Daisy, a young girl not fond of peas. It is more of a learning book for toddlers to eat healthily. 

Do You Speak English Moon? By Francesca Simon and Ben Cort:

     A beautifully made book about a boy who talks to the moon. The book opens the toddler’s mind to imaginative scenarios about the world. 

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, By Michael Rosen And Helen Oxenbury: 

An adventurous journey about a father, his children, and a dog. The book is perfect for calm Sundays with your kids. 

Reading to your baby and toddler is essential to build a strong bond. Moreover, it helps in the development of their vocabulary, speech, and creativity. 

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