How To Buy Baby’s First Walking Shoes?

How To Buy Baby's First Walking Shoes?

Your baby’s first walking shoes are articles of joy and happiness for every member of the family. These denote that your baby has just started walking. Baby walking shoes are different from baby booties, which are used to cover a baby’s feet only. Picking the first baby shoes can be confusing and tricky. When you go to the market, you might find a plethora of adorable and cute baby walking shoes and it gets difficult to choose the best ones.

You need to understand that your baby’s first walking shoes should not be selected only as per the design or color preference.  The bones in their legs are still soft and fragile. You should be careful not to buy shoes that are too-tight or ill-fitting, as this may spoil the bone development forever. Here is a guide for buying your baby’s first walking shoes.

Guide To Buy Baby’s First Walking Shoes

  • The shoes should be flexible and have anti-slip soles. Babies cannot balance as well as adults. Slippery soles could lead to falling often. You need to buy shoes with anti-slip soles. Moreover, as the baby’s feet are constantly growing, you should buy shoes that are very flexible.
  • Pick shoes that have comfortable padding inside. This padding supports the tender feet and also provide cushioning to the heel at the back and around the ankle. Babies are not too sure of their steps and hence this padding minimizes friction.
  • Buy shoes that come with secure closures to prevent them from falling off or coming to lose all the time. This also gives the feet a firm grip. You can pick those with lace-up fastenings or Velcro.
  • Shoes should be lightweight and breathable. Do not pick those which feel very heavy in your hands. Always go for 100% genuine and breathable leather for your baby’s shoes. These stay dry and cool.
  • Lastly, never compromise on the size and fit. If you have a beautiful pair of shoes that are a bit too tight for your baby, then they are a waste. Never make your baby wear shoes that are too tight. Also, do not go for bigger sizes as these will not give the grip and support needed for walking. Moreover, the feet will keep coming out of loose-fitted shoes and pose a hindrance in walking.

Shop Your Baby’s First Walking Shoes Online

Soft Infant Toddler Shoes

These are cute baby shoes that are made with soft materials. These are very comfortable to wear. The slip-on design makes it easy to put on baby’s feet. These come in different cure designs. The upper material is made of cotton fabric and the outsole is made of cotton too.

Unisex Soft Soled Non-slip Shoes For Babies

These are comfortable, soft inside and out and very convenient for babies to wear. These shoes come with a head-wide design that makes it easy to put on babies. It makes your baby looks hip and fashionable. The shoes are made of PU material. You get them in various sizes suitable for 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months.

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