Baby Kittens Care – Top Kittens Care Tips

baby kittens care

When it comes to kitten care, it is essential to understand that there are many necessary steps involved in taking care of a new kitten. First and foremost, you need to recognize the signs that your kittens are ill in any way and act quickly. Kittens are sensitive in their early lives, and they can easily catch pneumonia or other illnesses from sucking on their mother’s milk. If left untreated, the disease could lead to death. Therefore, when you bring home your first kitten, you must learn as much as you can about our baby kittens’ health. Here are some of the primary kitten care tips you need to consider for your new kittens.

Visit Your Vet Weekly

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It is always recommended that you check your new kitten’s eyes weekly and have it checked by a vet the same day if you can. This will help you recognize symptoms such as redness, discharge, or inflammation around the eyes, as well as any abnormal scratching or rubbing. Once you have identified the problem, your vet will be able to give your new kitten treatment right away, before your kitten becomes unwell and dehydrated.

Vet Or Neuter Your New Kittens Before They Are Born

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Most veterinarians recommend that kittens that have not been spayed or neutered should be put up for adoption because they are less likely to develop issues with their reproductive organs, such as kittens with genital warts. Neutering or spaying, however, should only be done if your vet recommends it. Discuss your options with your vet, and when in doubt, always go for the procedure that will give you the most peace of mind.

Spaying Or Neutering Is Also Necessary

When you spay or neuter your baby kittens, the result will be a healthier female kitten, with minimal risks to her mother. This procedure can be done daily, with general anesthesia, under general anesthesia if the vet thinks it is necessary. The surgery itself will take about an hour, and your vet will be able to give you post-op instructions as soon as he or she sees your baby kittens.

Caring for your baby kittens will start the day you bring them home from the pet store. Feed them with food appropriate for your kitten’s age, and keep their litter box clean and tidy. Clean the litter box regularly, and change the food as it starts to go stale. Introduce your baby kittens to their new surroundings gradually, allowing them to get used to their new environment. Kittens are inquisitive and will likely begin to explore their surroundings within a few days of arrival. Allow this exploration to be free of aggressive interaction and toward harmless humans and other animals.

Final Wrap-Up

Foster homes can be an excellent source of baby kittens’ care. If you adopt a kitten from a foster home, give the kitten the love and security of being adopted while avoiding the cost of a large adoption fee. Many foster homes have a high success rate, caring for hundreds of kittens.

Talk to your local animal shelter or breeder, and visit the website of your local puppy mill. You should be able to find a wonderful foster home that can give your kitten the care and attention he/she needs.

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