Baby Alive Doll Accessories Refill Kit Review

baby alive doll accessories

In another telling of the story, the toy store owner saw the doll and bought it for his own use, which caused the young woman to become depressed over the loss of her only baby. The doll she had become so attached to was later given to a lady who was a close friend of the young mother and it was through this lady that the doll started to really change for the better.

The truth of the matter is that the doll has more than just the unfortunate incident of having to use powdered doll food. It has become a beloved character among many collectors of everything baby related. So, if you are looking for that perfect gift for your next baby shower or simply want to add to your own baby gift collection then you may want to consider adding a Baby Alive doll to your list.

The Cute Little Baby Shoes

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One of the most popular Baby Alive doll accessories is the cute little baby shoes. These are adorable baby shoes made from soft vinyl that mimic the feel of a real child. They come with an adorable little flat brush for cleaning your doll’s toes, which allows you to simulate the soft and smooth touch of real baby foot hygiene. Also, the 10-inch woman dolls come with removable insoles that allow you to change up the style of shoe that you have on your doll. For example, you can switch to heels or even high heels or toddler boots to match the seasons.

You can also purchase the Baby Alive doll accessories refill pack. With these refill packs you can basically get infinite hours of fun and playtime with your baby doll. With this pack you will get a pair of pliable, washable, disposable diapers, an assortment of baby wipes, and a bottle. The items inside the pack are: two pairs of disposable diapers, one disposable diaper and two baby wipes, a baby bottle, a baby dish, a baby safety pin, a rubber band, and a lot more.

The Baby Alive Doll Clothes

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If you want your baby doll to look really like a bitty baby, then you may want to purchase a few more of the Baby Alive doll clothes. The bitty baby outfits have adorable little bottoms that resemble baby pants. The outfits include the same washable, disposable diapers and baby wipes as the main product, a bottle, and a bib.

In addition to the exciting bitty outfits, Baby Alive also provides other great accessories, such as a wide range of different play items that enhance the game play experience for your baby. For example, one of the accessories is a special milk bottle that allows you to put baby food in it, which automatically puts the baby inside the bottle when they turn around to eat.

Baby Alive Sticky Rice Cooker

Another great accessory is the Baby Alive Sticky Rice Cooker, which allows you to cook rice using baby rice cereal, so much safer than trying to make baby rice by hand. The rice stays inside the cooker, so it doesn’t spill or get hot. This cooker is included in the set, along with a set of four baby food jars, a set of baby safety pins, and a baby scale.

There are also a couple of other items included in the set that are helpful to new mothers. One of the items is a photo frame that has a calendar on the side. This calendar can be used to store your precious memories of your little one while they were still a bitty baby. If you don’t want to lose those memories, you can also purchase a memory album to go with the calendar. These two items are great to help new parents and caregivers preserve their baby memories.


Overall, the Baby Alive doll accessories refill kit is a great kit to use for new moms and dads who are looking to create a special memory for their baby even after they have given birth. The kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful memory that will last forever. You’ll be able to feed, change, rock, and sleep and shower your little one in an amazing world where he or she will never be a boring baby.

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