Babies Development – From Birth to Four to Six Months

babies development

In order for the human race to continue existing, baby development is very vital. With all the various pressures that come along the way, it is no wonder that babies experience several setbacks during their initial years. Babies experience everything from teething pain, constipation and frequent gas, to eye problems, ear infections, breathing difficulties and even developmental language delays. If you have been having a problem with any of these, you should consider the holistic approach which would have your baby on the path to complete health.

Holistic health care revolves around using a whole-body approach. You see, we are composed of multiple systems. We are also made up of our organs, our skin, our blood, and our muscles. When any of these systems are out of whack, we experience health problems. Holistic medicine seeks to treat the entire body, thus treating the cause of the dysfunction, not only the symptoms.

An Overview

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Babies develop through the first year of life in much the same way that you or I would. Their bodies grow and expand to form their skulls, their eyes, their ears, and their hands. All of these growths, though they may appear scary, are completely normal. This growth process also includes the production of new cells, organs and tissues.

Unfortunately, growth spurts that appear in this early development period are often accompanied by painful discomforts. Muscles become weak, heart rates increase and the digestive system becomes clogged. This can create a state of shock and anxiety for babies and cause them to cry. They may fail to gain weight, and begin to suffer dehydration as well. Parents dealing with these issues may start to panic, but it is important for these parents to remember that they are only experiencing a short-term issue with their babies.

While some of these episodes will probably pass, it is important to understand that babies do not automatically function better as they get older. Just because a baby has reached a certain milestone in their development does not mean that they will not experience bouts of sickness. Just ask anyone who has ever suffered with severe colds as a child. The viruses that cause these colds often resurface as adults, so the same virus that caused the cold may be the culprit again.

Baby Development Facts

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Babies, just like people, need to get plenty of rest and eat properly. Many parents mistakenly believe that they can watch over their babies development themselves and let nature take its course. There are steps parents can take to help the body cope with the demands placed on it. While no one can “put on a kid” overnight, by providing healthy nutrition and plenty of sleep babies can thrive.

Babies require plenty of love and attention throughout their growing years. This can be difficult for some parents, but try not to fall into the trap of giving in to the demands of your child. Remember that their health is very important and will be affected by things as simple as not sleeping for eight hours at night. Make sure you are always there for your babies and give them the attention and support they need.

Babies need a good balance of love and care from both parents and caretakers. Parents that neglect their babies development may be setting their children up for failure. As a parent, it is your duty to be a good role model for your child and provide them with the love and security they desire. Through this, babies develop a strong sense of self control which will help them in their adult life.

The development of the digestive system begins when a baby is born. A mother’s diet plays an important role, but it is not the only one. Food supplies the babies body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for its healthy growth and development. If a mother is unable to eat a healthy balanced diet, the baby is not receiving the right nutritional needs. There are also certain foods that babies should not eat; this includes caffeine, spices, citrus fruits, and high fat foods.

Bottom Line

Another important factor during babies development is what type of food they should eat during the day. During the day parents should focus on getting their baby in the proper nutritional support. During the evening parents should be feeding the baby with a variety of healthy food. Eating foods like breast milk or formula can be a healthier choice than junk food and can help the body develop properly. Junk food contains calories that can add weight to babies developing bodies and should be avoided at all costs.

The best time to introduce solid food is between four to six months. However, some babies will start to eat solid food earlier in their development. At any age babies should be introduced to new foods slowly. The development of the babies body is very exciting, but parents must make sure to pay attention to their babies development from a very early age.

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