All you need to know about baby teeth care

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Proper dental care begins the moment your child starts having their teeth. Even baby teeth can get caught with bacteria or can decay so it is very necessary to safeguard them. Putting a water bottle to their mouth when they sleep can harm their teeth as well as sugar from milk or juice which get stuck in their teeth for approx 10 hrs can harm their teeth as well. Cavities may arise and cause a problem. When a baby turns 6 month parents can replace the bottle with a cup or glass for their better teeth care. Parents should take care and brush their teeth until they get aware or capable of taking care of their dental health. Parents should take care of their baby teeth until they are 6 years old and till then they should help them brush and floss under their guidance. And after your child turns 6 ,find them the best toothpaste with enough fluoride for their teeth care. 

Uncomfortable while brushing 

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Teething for infants can be very uncomfortable, they cry and create a fuss out of it. Some of the babies get fever when their baby teeth come. Parents can rub their teeth with a clean finger and even they can see the doctor .Start brushing your babies teeth as soon as the first milk teeth break through (6 month usually) . Parents or caretaker should supervise toothbrushing. Brushing teeth about 2 times a day can keep them hygienic. Healthy teeth are not only important for their dental health but their overall health. They help your baby sound and eat. They also help your baby’s jaw grows. 

Make them habitual

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Good oral care helps the baby to develop good dental habits as they grow. Not taking care of their teeth can lead to poor dental health. Bacteria can also transfer from one mouth to other so ensure that all family members have healthy teeth and every time the baby is feed with spoon ,the spoon is clean and hygienic. Make sure that when you baby starts teething ,they are also given a adequate amount of water in between eating and feeding. Some baby get teeth when they are 6 month ,some get it earlier and some get it later ..So it’s pretty normal yet a healthy baby should get their set of teeth until they are 3 years old. Make sure that you visit the dentist once In a while when your baby is teething to ensure that everything is healthy and fine with baby teeth care. Brush her/his or teeth with a baby toothbrush of water and a tiny bit of toothpaste. 


As we all know brushing our teeth is very important to avoid cavities and all. And in a early age kids eat alot of chocolate which can be harmful for them and even there are more things which can harm your kids teeth so amke sure you avoid such things and make your kid habitual for brushing his or her teeth regularly.

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