6 Newborn Baby Toys Your Little One Will Love

Newborn Baby Toys

Baby and toys share a unique connection. The excitement and fun that comes from playing with a toy is a unique experience for a kid – be it a newborn or toddler. Well, parents should be extremely careful while selecting newborn baby toys. Look for toys that are safe for babies in every way. As a parent, you should buy toys that are appropriate for your kid’s age. If you are looking for toys for newborn, consider splurging on the following:

Teether Keys

Teether keys are great for babies who are teething. Designed to offer a soothing and calming effect to the baby’s gums and teeth, these toys strengthen the upcoming set of teeth. Teether toys massage sensitive gums and offer cooling sensation. Look for teether keys with soft-textured fabrics and that can easily fit your baby’s tiny hands. The keys should be free of chemicals and fragrances. These toys are suitable for babies who are 3 months or older.

Newborn Baby Toys
6 Newborn Baby Toys Your Little One Will Love

Musical Toys

Musical toys are newborn baby toys designed to encourage baby’s auditory development. These toys play different tunes and melodies and create a fun environment for kids. Even if you are getting these toys for your newborn, he or she can push the large buttons of the toys and produce stunning tunes. Many musical toys are designed with flashing lights that inspire visual perception. For newborns, you can buy musical toys like a dancing puppy, musical rattles, musical drum set, xylophone, or keyboard.

Soft Toys

Babies love soft toys because they cute, cuddly, and fun to keep around. Animal soft toys like bear, elephant, dinosaur, lion, etc. are ideal for newborns. As a good parent, you should be mindful while buying these newborn baby toys. Go for plush toys made of non-toxic, non-inflammable, and washable materials. The soft toys shouldn’t have long furs, buttons, or sharp parts like horns on them. Invest in lightweight soft toys designed with soft materials. Also, avoid soft toys with batteries if you are buying for a baby between 0-12 months. Stuffed balls, stuffed dolls, plush animals, and stuffed blocks are ideal for a newborn.

Mini Car Toys

Mini car toys are great for interactive play. The fun and excitement that comes from seeing those vehicles moving from one place to another are indescribable for babies. Such toys are great for both outdoor as well as indoor play. You can look for mini care toys that come with tracks to create a more interesting play environment. Always choose car toys without batteries as they are safe for young kids. Further, the toys should be BPA-free and PCV-free.

Bath Toys

Bath toys create an interesting scenario for babies during their bath time. Designed to develop visual engagement and make bath time interesting, bath toys are a must-buy. Look for toys that come in exciting shapes like fishes, frogs, ducks, etc. and produce exciting sounds. Just make sure the bath toys you are buying are compact-size and water-resistant. They should be made of non-toxic as well as hypoallergenic materials.

Building Blocks

Newborn Baby Toys
6 Newborn Baby Toys Your Little One Will Love

Building blocks are ideal for newborns, toddlers, and also older kids. While newborns and toddlers love having fun with those bright-colored shapes, older kids like to stack them using their own problem-solving skills. Choose block sets that will allow your kiddo to build them using their own creativity. ABC and number blocks are ideal for elder kids. You can go for magnetic blocks. For newborns, basic building blocks that come in assorted shapes, as well as colors, are perfect.

Invest in these must-have baby toys. You can also splurge on something like stackable cups or toys, cloth books, mirror toys, talking dolls, and shaker toys.

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