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6 Newborn Baby Care Essentials

6 Newborn Baby Care Essentials

Getting ready to welcome your newborn into this world can be exciting and a bit daunting as well. New babies have several requirements, like frequent diaper changes and feedings. They can even have health problems like cradle cap and diaper rash. Infants go through several changes during the very first year of their life. As a parent, it is quite likely for you to feel uneasy in the beginning. However, it will soon become a habit. Walk through the baby section in malls and departmental stores, and you will find several newborn care products to bring home. Apart from safe car seats, which are the products you need? Have a look below:

6 Newborn Baby Care Essentials
6 Newborn Baby Care Essentials


Disposable diapers or cloth? Wait, this question has no right answer. It is upon new moms to decide on what works for their infants. Regardless of what you are choosing, stock up! You will also require diaper bags with enough space for diaper creams, diapers, and baby wipes. Even arrange for a diaper pail featuring tight-fitting lid. By the time your infant is a week old, he will have a minimum of six wet diapers and four poopy diapers every day.

Baby Bath Tub

Newborns are squirmy and slippery when wet. This is something that unnerves even confident new parents. Ensure that your infant bath time in safe and fun by investing in a good quality bathtub.  Get tubs specifically designed to follow the contours of a newborn and offers complete support.  The tub should prevent the tiny tot from sliding into the water. Go for tubs with non-skid bottoms, smooth round edges, mildew resistant foam pads, and quick drainage.

Digital Thermometer

This is a must-have when you have a new baby at home. As has already been said, newborns are likely to catch infections and other health problems. Having a digital thermometer handy will help you in taking your baby’s temperature for further healing. Choose branded thermometers known for their fast and accurate results.

6 Newborn Baby Care Essentials
6 Newborn Baby Care Essentials

Baby Carrier

Always look out for soft-structured baby carriers. Choose varieties that work right from birth till toddlerhood while keeping the legs and the spine of the infant in ergonomically perfect position. If you are in the lookout of extra convenience, go for carriers featuring different carrying positions.

Sweaters And Caps

If you have given birth during the winters or you happen to live in a colder climate, you will require caps and sweaters for the infant. Caps are essential for maintaining an infant’s body temperature since heat is generally lost through the head. For freezing winters, get baby snowsuits.

Swaddling Blankets

These blankets help an infant in sleeping better and longer. They mimic the feeling of being cuddled inside the womb. Choose breathable versions made of pure cotton. You can even go for swaddling wraps that take the guesswork out of how to snuggle an infant correctly.

It is tough to believe that your little munchkin requires so many things. It is always a good idea to have your hands on some crucial newborn baby care essentials instead of going for everything available.

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