6 Must-Have Bath Accessories For Baby

Bath Accessories For Baby

Bath time is one of the most relaxing and fun times for babies. However, soaking your little one in the bathtub and shampooing to picking him or her up and draping that towel can be nerve-wracking for mothers. Fortunately, with the right bath accessories for baby, you can make the bath time safe and comfortable both for yourself and your little one. If you are a new mommy, consider splurging on these must-have bath items:


A bathtub is one of the essential baby accessories you need so as to avoid big messes during bath time. A bathtub will help you bathe your little one safely while avoiding those eruptions and blowouts. Generally, there are three types of bathtub varieties available including:

Bath Accessories For Baby
6 Must-Have Bath Accessories For Baby
  • Basin Bathtub: Whether you want to give your baby a bath in the sink or on the floor, basin bathtub will do the job perfectly. It is flexible enough to adjust as per your needs and offer hassle-free service.
  • In-Sink Bathtub: This kind of bathtub can fit over a bathroom sink and hence is ideal for new moms. You can opt for a collapsible version and store the tub anywhere.
  • Transitional Bathtub: This bathtub comes with adjustable parts and is perfect for newborns and toddlers.

Soaps & Shampoos

Baby soap and shampoo form an important part of every ‘bath accessories for baby’ list. Although newborns are cleaned with normal water, you will need a cleanser in certain situations and also when the baby is over 6-month old. Choose a soap and shampoo that are designed for your little one’s gentle skin. Go for bath products that are free of fragrances and harsh chemicals. Some of the natural baby brands you can consider are Cetaphil, Aquaphor, Aveeno, Earth Mama, Puracy, and Burt’s Bees Baby.

Bath Towels

Bath towels with hoods ensure quick drying of the baby’s body while keeping his/her head warm. Dry your little one off as soon as he/she gets out of the shower by getting a bath towel made of cotton or cotton terry. Look for lighter colors for summers and brighter colored towels for winters. Besides bath towels, also buy some mini towels for sponging or quick-bathing.

Lotions, Oils & Powder

Prevent your little one’s skin from getting dry after bath by using a good baby cream or oil. Baby oil is also great for massaging the baby’s joints and muscles. If your little one is suffering from eczema, use emollients and oils suggested by the doctor. You will also need a good baby talcum powder in summers so that your baby won’t sweat a lot. Make sure to get a baby powder that’s hypoallergenic and free of parabens, dyes, and other chemicals.

Bath Toys

Make your kiddo’s bath time interesting by getting him/her the right bath toys. Look for toys that are colorful enough to capture the baby’s attention. Choose bath toys that are free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and other such compounds. Rubber toys that are water-resistant and quick-drying are perfect for bathtubs. Look for toys in shapes of duck, frog, fish, octopus, tortoise, etc.

Essential Bath Accessories For Baby
6 Must-Have Bath Accessories For Baby

Bath Sponge

Bath sponges are incredible when it comes to cleaning newborns that are not habitual to tub baths. Sponges are also useful when it comes to applying soap on the baby’s body as well as rinsing it off. Look for a sponge that is soft and gentle for baby’s skin. The baby bath sponge should be quick-drying as well as slip-resistant. A must-have bath item for those fast cleanups!

Splurge on these bath accessories for baby. These newborn baby care essentials are sure to make bath time an incredible bonding routine for you and the baby!

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