5 Tips To Master Baby Ducks Care

baby ducks care

Ducks are one of the aquatic birds, which make you laugh at their duskish activities. If you brought ducklings without their mother, you need to care for them too. Here, you need not become an aviculturist for good baby duck care. It will help you follow the below mentioned ways to feed, make shelter, provide a water source, and clean and medication.

Baby Ducks Care  While Feeding 

A bird duck

Giving leafy greens in the initial 4-weeks is the best for them to get the right proteins and minerals. From the 5th week, you can provide them with chick feeds available in a pet shop. If you do not have grass and weeds in your backyard, you must order online for baby duck food. They are silly eaters, and you need to fill their pond whenever duck foods are over for a good baby ducks’ care.

Shelter For Baby Ducks Care

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Ducks belong to the waterfowl family of birds. It does not mean they will be floating 24/7. You need to buy a coop from your local pet shop or order online for your baby duck, and it is advisable to buy a robust enclosure with a door and sufficient ventilation. Ducklings need at least 5-sq-ft space to be on the surface during the night. A heat lamp for baby ducks is necessary to control their body temperature and growth. For comfortable Baby duck care, bedding must be made of sand and grass.  

Water Source for Ducklings

During the day, you should leave baby ducks in a clean source of water. You can buy a baby duck bathtub from a pet shop. It would be best to buy a tub, which has sufficient space to dive in without hitting the base. If you have a large area in your backyard or garden, it will help you make a pond with stones and cement. Adding a duck fountain is the best way to provide clean water for the baby duck care. You need the change the water daily to maintain their hygiene. 

Cleaning Ducklings

Paper towels are the best to purchase to clean baby ducks as and out of water. In this way, their tiny feathers are protected from falling, which will happen if you buy cotton towels. After cleaning, you must see that they are neat and clean without dirt stuck on their body. Following this, you can prevent them from getting duck diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and toxins.

Baby Ducks Care Medication

When you do not have the mother duck, you need to buy niacin. It is available in the pet store. You need to sprinkle them with food items. It will help baby ducks’ bone growth and strength. If you find them a week, you can buy chick supplements and feed them after a month. For proper baby ducks’ care, You must monitor them daily. If they are found sick, you must take them to a nearby pet doctor or veterinarian.


Baby ducks care is not like taking care of chicks. Therefore, as mentioned above, you must take care until they can float, swim, fly, dive, drink, and feed independently.  

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