5 Best Educational Toys for 7 Year Olds

educational toys for 7 year olds

Educational toys can help children to learn and grow both mentally and physically. For parents with kids that are starting to get into reading, writing and developing their mind in general, it can be hard to find the perfect educational toy for your 7 year old child. However, there is a wide range of choice out there and following these five educational toys can prove to be very helpful for your child education:

LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System

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This system helps children learn to read, write and even do math through three books that can be used with the system. There are also two additional learning activities which your son or daughter will love. The books come with a pen where kids can touch each word as they are being read so they can experience what it is like to have their very own book. Also, the activity boxes contain worksheets for your child to practice writing upper and lowercase letters so you don’t have to worry about purchasing these materials separately.

V-Tech Kidizoom Watch

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The watch comes in seven colors that include pink, orange, green, red, blue silver and purple styles . It has four different games to play and a built-in camera for taking digital pictures. There is even the option of uploading your kid’s favorite photos from their watch to any computer you own. Additionally, there is a video recorder included on this watch that allows your child up to one minute of recording time per photo, which can come in handy during long car rides.

Crayola Telescoping Crayon Tower

Do your kids love art? If so, they will absolutely adore this tower. It comes with 10 different colors where each crayon is double-sided so they have 20 different color choices altogether . The tower also has two large trays at the bottom where you can store all of your kid’s art supplies so they can keep everything together.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

This set is a great way to help your kids learn the alphabet as well as corresponding sounds for each letter . The letters can be attached to any metal surface and then removed for easy storage. Also, there are double-sided cards you can use to teach your child different words with each letter of the alphabet. Additionally, this set comes with a guide where you can find activities that will even keep older children occupied as they show them how to follow directions which many adults may struggle with from time to time.

Clue Jr: A Codey Charles Mystery Game

For 7 year olds who love mystery games, this one has over 100 codes for your kid to figure out. There are eleven cases to complete and over twenty different clues to help your kids be successful in their detective work . The codes range from basic addition and subtraction, all the way up to more difficult codes like Morse code.


As you can see, there are a variety of educational toys that will help your child grow and learn. These five toys will not only help them in their early years but may even give them a little head start when they get to the big kids table later on down the road.

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