4-month-old milestones for child

A baby lying on a bed

4 months is a very exciting age for both parents and the child – many milestones are being reached, lots of learning is taking place. This article focuses on what 4-month babies can do! It also contains links to other areas of our website which you may find helpful.

Milestones at four months old

A baby lying on a bed

When your baby reaches 4 months old, you will likely notice big changes in their development. Although every baby is different, most babies will reach the following milestones by 4 months old:

They will be able to hold their head up for prolonged periods and will enjoy playing with rattles and other objects that they can see and reach for.

They will start to rock their body from side to side when laying down. This is called ‘rooting’. When they do this, give them something that they can suck on – this helps with the development of muscles in the mouth and jaw.

Their tongue may push against everything inside their mouth as they are learning how to move it around. They will start to make vowel sounds, such as ‘ah’ and ‘oh’.

They will be able to control their hands a bit better and may be able to grab objects placed close to them.

They will become more aware of their surroundings and may follow objects with their eyes.

They will become more aware of their own body and start to touch themselves, such as putting their hands in their mouth.

They will be able to roll from front to back and vice versa.

It’s important for you to begin introducing some simple solid foods now (more on this below). Around four months is a good time to do this as they are starting to develop their digestive system.

They will start to develop a sleep routine and will usually sleep for around 14 hours a day, including two 3-4 hour blocks at night.

limits at four months old baby

A little girl holding a teddy bear

Your baby is certainly to turn four months old these days. He’s got several new milestones that he can do at this age. They are rolling over, lifting his head, interested in the mobile, and reaching for objects. You must have noticed all or any one them since your baby turned 4 months old. And know what? Your baby can also get his first tooth at this age. What a terrific age for your baby, isn’t it?

But there are various milestones that you cannot expect or wait before your baby turned 4 months old. For example, now he is experiencing the sense of hearing and vision. At two months old babies, their eyesight was not as good as it is now. So, you may have noticed that your baby can see better and focus more at this age. And he might also start to react to some loud noises. The sound of a vacuum cleaner or thunderstorm may scare him but soon he’ll get used to it.

Another milestone that your baby is capable of at this age is to hold his head up. He might even be able to sit by himself while you put him on the floor for playing time. Or he may manage to roll over from tummy to back or vice versa. Your baby can also have more control over his hands now.

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